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Ghostbusters No.6

Ghostbusters No.6 is the final member of the famous team, Dr. Egon Spengler. Played in the movie by Harold Ramis, and voiced brilliantly in the cartoon by Maurice LaMarche, he ended up becoming my favorite of the four. LaMarche's performance combined with (what I percieve anyway) as some regard for the character by RGB's first and best story editor, J. Micheal Straczynski, took the broad outlines from the movie and moved him far beyond the "mad scientist" cliches.

A major part of that was the decision not to have Dana Barrett in the cartoon: since Egon's love interest, Janine Melnitz, was in the cartoon, it made Egon, in a weird way, the show's romantic lead. More on some of that stuff next week, when cover #7 comes out, featuring Janine.

Egon's portrait is a little different from the other three Ghostbusters in that it's an outfit that doesn't come directly from the animation--it's my own little whimsical look, which I "establish" for the present day Egon in my fan fictions, a bit of a combination of the anachronistic look Egon had in the animation, the more formal outfits favored in the movies, and just a dash of..w.ell, what I can only call, "What if Doctor Who regenerated into Egon Spengler?"

The action shot features him looking at his meter, as usual, with a particullarly unusual monster following him; a creature I sort of "re-imagined" from one seen in the animation, The Master of Shadow ("Slimer, Is That You?") to make him a little, well, shadowier.
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I think his eyes are following me around the room...
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Doctor Who regenerate into Doctor Spengler? That's crazy talk! lol
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Nelvana proposed a Doctor Who animated series in the 80s/90s and in some of the concept drawings the Doctor looked like Egon...
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Egon Spengler looking for all the world like the Doctor! Gotta love it!
Could you imagine them meeting? Mghhh...giggle...giggle. That'd be interesting.
Well with regards to a monster looming over him, I'd love to see a picture of The Boogeyman looming over Egon, given his fear of it.
Oh and an equal one of Janine with the Lotsabucks in a similar way.
You know, just gotta keep the parallels of those two going.
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That'll be #7, Jay. Be patient :)
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i hope you make a janine one too ^_^
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Awesome covers! :D I can't wait to see Janine's! I will have to favorite that one! :D *Waves 'I heart Janine' banner* XD/
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