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Ghostbusters 2016 Get Real



So I had that recolor of the GB2016 cast that had them in uniforms looking closer to the ones in the 1984 and 1989 movies, right?  Did anyone who knows me think I'd leave it at that, and not try something a little more colorful?

Really, the big question became "Which colors with with Ghostbuster"?  Patty was easiest--like Winston, she's the tough, "street wise" member of the team.  The others were a little rougher...I could find ways to justify just about any combination of Abby, Erin, and Holtzmann in Ray, Egon, and Venkman's colors.  So here's what I went with:

Abby is the committed believer.  So, Ray's uniform, the one closest to the (original) movie standard.  (As McCarthy is seen as the  "star" of the movie, I could have easily justified using Venkman instead)

Erin is Abby's old friend but something of a skeptic at first.  I went with Venkman (though as the physics genius Egon could have worked just as well).

Jillian Holtzmann looks too much like Egon to not get his colors, though as the enthusiastic tinkerer I could have easily justified Ray's as well.

I may try recoloring the more accurate 2016 uniforms, but I'm not sure how well the colors would work with all that orange reflective striping.  If I do like the results, expect another variant I guess :lol:
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Not bad.

By the way, I watched the film and liked it a lot.