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Ghostbusters 2015--Another PP-16 Test

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Well, you know, I can't consider the new proton pack design really tested until it gets onto the original Ghostbusters, right?  It's the same old stock images, of course.

I'm also trying out some updated aging cues for Venkman and Winston, since they're over sixty now.  I'd pretty much stated in a story that Venkman stops dying his hair when he hits 60 (which would've been last year).  Winston's is a little more subtle, but it's a nod to the real life Ernie Hudson, who doesn't seem to age (lol)

Note that this is only a test--it's not considered GBOT/Ectozone fanon yet.
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Peter looks like Mick Jagger.  XD

Thank goodness toons don't age.  I like Peter as his usual young rambunctious self. :)