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Ghostbusters 2000

In "Gemini Rising, Part 1" ( [link] ) the happy occassion of the birth of Eden Marie and Johnathan Christopher Spengler is spoiled by the mysterious villian Josiah Nodus, who kidnaps the newborn twins and causes the world we knew to de-rezz (in classic Zero Hour fashion) into white nothingness...

A traveller from the future, Pollux, finds herself in a June 13, 1999 far different than the one she expected. The original Ghostbusters look like Second City and Saturday Night Live actors. Peter Venkman hates the rest now. Janine is married to Louis Tully. And in place of the Extreme Ghostbusters is "Ghostbusters 2000", comprised of five totally new faces...

Carla Delgado, Latino beauty
Franky Tate, a piercing freak
Jack Lowell, a dude with dreadlocks, and the unofficial leader of the group
Moira Drew, a pretty but uptight science student
and junior member Nat Carson, a child prodigy.

Can she unravel the mystery, and restore the world she knew?
The world of "Ghostbusters 2000" is of course based on a more "movie purist" version of the Ghostbusters Universe, complete with these five characters, taking their names and broad outlines from Dan Aykroyd's Ghostbusters 3: Hellbent treatments.
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Where can I find more info on Hellbent? I heard some people have read the script. Sure wish I could get my own hands on it. I'm certain you got your information from random online reviews here and there though. I'm not certain if Dan Aykroyd would really let anyone actually place his script online for general reading, so it's probably only a lucky few that have been allowed to see it.
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Pretty much everything I know about the "Hellbent" script comes from mentions on Proton

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(in venkman voice)"if the childeren are our future,then the future is going to hell ". nice one fritz.
Nice idea. Interesting characters too.
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I always thought the 'Hellbent' thing was a joke, guess not.
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Very nice, really cool, nicely drawn and colored.

Awesome Work!
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