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Ghostbusters 2 No.0

Continuing the series of mock comic covers, this one being a companion piece to Ghostbusters No.0--Ghostbusters 2 No.0. Of course, there really was a GB2 comic (Now adapted it into three issues when the movie came out)...but my picture, like the GB1 one, uses the actual movie poster as inspiration for the character poses.

I used to use a marker-colored version of the main picture on the main page of my website, and it's currently on the GB Reference page ( [link] ) though in the computer colored version I've tweaked some of the details to make the drawing fit more into my current style (ie Egon with a nametag)

Janine, Dana, and Louis are represented, as they were in the GB1 drawing, by profile pictures...Dana and Louis, in fact, by the exact same ones (what can I say? They still work. It was Now's GB2 adaptation that introduced the RGB style Dana) though Janine is shown in her GB2 Full Hooker Action look.

Next week will be "Ghostbusters No.1"...and a drawing that I know only a very few people have seen before...
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I like this take on that classic pose a lot.
I'd love to see something similar done in regards to the painting that was underneath the Vigo painting.
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Good work, if you are intresting watch my poster-mix with The Real Ghostbusters in a Ghostbusters II-poster.
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Awesome....though it makes me want to go back and kick my younger self for not collecting all 3 issues of the aforementioned RGB-style Ghostbusters II adaption! :(

If you ever get that also aforementioned 'ass-load of money' to start your own comic company...put a GB 1 adaptation on your to-do list! :D
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Nice work Fritz that was pretty good. I'm enjoying this.

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