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I created this combined shot of the six primary characters of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon from individual drawings I'd previously posted at my website. I'm playing around with cheapo photo processing program (which came with my cheapo scanner) and I think I'm getting some good results. Some people don't believe me when I say I actually color with MS Paint and then converted it to PNG (lol)

The poses of the four Ghostbusters, by the way, are based on promotional art for 88MPH's Ghostbuster comic book. Billy Dallas Patton's pictures featured caricatures based more on the movie actors...but since I personally favor the animated likenesses, I thought it'd be fun to combine the two thusly.
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This older picture you've done of the characters from "The Real Ghostbusters" looks very nice. :)
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yay! cool pic!))
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Cute pic of the whole group! :D
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I like how you have your own style, but everyone still looks like themselves :XD:
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Cool pic. As kid growing up during the 80's, this was one of my favorite cartoons from my childhood. Aahh.. The memories.
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I just recently watched some epsiodes of The Real Ghostbusters - old ones I have on tape. I wish the series would be released on DVD. The character designs are really weird. :D Egon's hair... I remember thinking that as a kid, too. I absolutely loved the Boogieman. The Grundel was creepy as hell, though.

Nice work on this picture!
Egon was always my favorite... but Peter has some great one-liners! :D
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Great Work :D I love Ghostbusters
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Woot! More Real Ghostbusters fan art! Awesome job! ^__^
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