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'Ghost Busters.Nuts'

"Ghost Busters.Nuts 58½"

My friend Kingpin does a series called Ghostbusters.Nuts. You can see it at his Deviantart space: [link]

This was a submission I did a couple months back; earlier this year, Filmation's Ghost Busters cartoon recieved the kind of proper, comprehensive DVD release that Sony can't be bothered to create for one of the most successful and popular movie spin-offs of all time.

Anyway, between that, and the creation of an actual Filmation Ghost Busters message board ( [link] ) I was inspired to do this little satirical look at what might happen if the Filmation fandom ended up the dominant one.

Numerous in-jokes abound for those familiar with the Sony/Columbia/Aykroyd Ghostbusters fandom.

I withdrew it as with the sensation in fan circles caused by the new Sierra video game ( [link] )it looked dated already. But I hope it's still good for a chuckle or two.
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lol I post there all the time. Then again I post at ectozone too!
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Brilliant, I love it! :D

(Though hopefully soon Sony will FIX this grave injustice...)
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There have been some all-but-confirmed rumors that Sony's subcontracted it out to Time-Life, and a massive set will be out this fall.

The other thing that I think is hilarious is that the new Sierra video game has experimental weapons that sound more like Dematerializers and Ghost Gummers than anything the real Ghostbusters ever used in the movies or shows. :lol: