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Extreme Ghostbusters

The cast of the failed 1997 sequel to The Real Ghostbusters...hey, but I liked it, anyway.

Like my picture of the original Ghostbusters, this one was created by splicing together individual character pictures (available at my website). Egon, by the way, doesn't follow the EGB character design--I freely admit I hated it, and have substituted one of my own--which I feel is a more faithful aging of the RGB character design (durn likeness rights issues always get the Ghostbusters in trouble...)

And I suck at drawing wheelchairs, despite being in one, which is why Garrett is just sort of floating there (lol)
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I always thought EGB was a underrated and well made show. It had a somewhat darker vibe to it but still kept the comical aspects of the films and the original series.
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Hahah great job, I like your rendition of the team's outfits and such, though the blue of Janine's clothes wants to burn my eyes out X_X heh. LOL Garrett crapping? I thought he was just... I dunno, squatting for some reason or the other ^_^
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Hmm... I never really noticed Roland's 'really big jaw'... but yeah, I guess he kinda did.

Anyway, great pic.
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Hm...come to think of it, yeah...I may have to redo that one...

Until I figure out what glitch is causing the blacks to screw up I've replaced the PNG with a Jpeg. The color isn't as good, but it seems to work better.
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Y'know...I never really thought about it before, looking at the same XGB pics at the Ectozone, because it's been a while since I saw the cartoon...

but didn't Roland have a really big jaw?
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I still don't know what's wrong with this picture, but I uploaded a copy at Imageshack and here's what it's supposed to look like (lol)...

<img src=" omposite.png" alt="Image Hosted by" />
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Well, crud...the same weird thing happens...

If you can fix it, please do.
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Eeeew....I wonder if there was some glitch with the upload--the one on my hard drive isn't doing that. Let me try uploading again on the edit screen...

As for the italics, the standard html tag < i >stuff you want in italics < /i >
stuff you want in italics

seems to work.

Maybe Bold works too Lol...
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Great pic as always Fritz, but there's something weird going on with the black, in the preview it's okay, but on the enlarged view it's gone grey...

If you'd like, I can fix the pic so the black shows up, additionally add some new text graphics as I'm working my way through redoing them (I have the WCGB text graphics updated and ready to send).

If the same is for the RGB pic, please do say if you want to tale up my offer.

And how on earth did you get the text to be italics?
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Oh, so that's why he's just like that. I thought he was taking a dump or something, lol.
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