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Cover for GB2021: Born To The Purple

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The Future Is Now

Back in 2003 I wrote the fan fic Future Shocks, set not long after the RGB episode "Robo-Buster" and having a time-travel element which I used to introduce the Ghostbusters of the far-off year of 2023.  In hindsight, it was basically my "mission statement"--a lot of the stories I've written since then showed just how the Ectozone universe/timeline 8932 unfolded to lead to that future.   A few years later, I began the origin story of the 2023 Ghostbusters,… The Eye of Aretpo .  The majority of which took place on June 8, 2021.

So yeah, like I said, the Future Is Now.

With this in mind, earlier this year I took a look at some of the existing material on the 202X team, and did some light editing and overhauling of it, not to mention fixing some bugs in the rendering of some puncutation marks that had somehow cropped up over the years.  Nothing major, just little references that dated back from times before the timeline  had fully gelled into it's more-or-less "final" form.  The main ones are the aforementioned "Future Shocks" and "Eye of Aretpo", with the important Gemini Rising also seeing a few nips and tucks (and I actually fought off the temptation to do more, particularly to that one).

But that's not all!!!

When I started the update process, I found myself inspired.  We know all about the history of the Spengler Twins and Eric Stantz, and quite a lot of the history that brought Marie Lupin into maybe, I thought, it would be a great time to put a slight bit of spotlight to the background of the 202X team's most mysterious member:… Ghostbusters 2021: Born To The Purple
June 2021--Timeline Year Thirty-Nine
Five days ago, Scotland Yard Occult Crimes Unit Detective Inspector Tessa Jane Anderson arrived in New York on an investigation of a mysterious death by zombies.  She soon found herself facing the attempted return of a dark god, at the side of three second generation Ghostbusters and the daughter of a werewolf.  They saved the world.  Now, Inspector Anderson returns to her London longer quite as certain where she is meant to be.

Thus the art is, as I am wont to do, a mock comic-book style "cover" for the story.
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