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Winter Soldier

I can DIE to see the movie again, but it's probably better to be patient and wait till the DVD release T_T *sob*
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All your art is gorgeous! 
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awesome!!I love him!
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I love the intensity on his face
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Thought it was Jaqen H'ghar from Game of Thrones XD
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DVD release it is for me,too... maaaan I´m even doing fanart :D I even bought the damn artbook to bridge the time, at least it´s great for reference!
I love the light in the picture and that you chose to light him from behind. He is so pale, very fitting, and I love the makeup and the snow!
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UwaaAA your art is sooo perfect! :love: bucky's cold eyes is sooo beautiful!! 
:la: :love: :la: 
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I can't wait to watch it on a 3D blu-ray! *sobs in the corner*
Amazing art!! :la: So obsessed with him lately, I don't think it's healthy!!
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That´s right but I can understand you. The movie is AWESOME! :D
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Whoa!!! This is so awesome I could almost cry or scream right now, no lie. Absolutely mesmerizing and beautiful, darling. You captured his character perfectly. I could just hug you right now...:hug:
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You've captured the Winter Soldier marvel-ously.
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I understand, I loved the movie too and want to see it again ! your Bucky is amazing by the way ^^
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I have a link to the movie... Not sure it works still. Anyway, this is awesome!
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I cheated and tried to watch it online. No go, going to have to wait ;(.

Fantastic piece, his facial expression says ghost story all over it.
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Awesome >u< 
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