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The collaboration cover for our HETALIA ANTHOLOGY. Will be released in Thailand on March 29, 2009.

Title : Ultimate Nations -Axis Powers Hetalia Anthology-
Doujinshika : :iconkumagoropower:, :iconecthelian:, :iconopor-more:, :iconmrsloth:, :iconnairchan: Lynn, Yuzu, Anlegy_Ro, ES,
Size : A5
Pages : 104
Rate : PG-13
Pairing : USA x UK, Greece x Japan, Turkey x Greece ,includes others too

English version will be updated for order soon...I hope so XD"
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England Looks Awesome ^w^
IchbindesPreuBen's avatar
Do u no how ecstatic I am to see that Chu like hetalia??!!83 I has your book Shojo Manga:Color Workbook:D u are an AWESOME artist. Prussia-level awesome>:3
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AustriaXPiano..... ._____.
ZombieHugs4eva's avatar
You NAILED Italy's face XD
4lifeanotaku's avatar
Somewhat glad to play piano lol >////<
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Of course Austria you sure do love your precious piano! :D Going in Fav!
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omfg japan is like wtf u guys!!!! lawlz
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love the picture it wouldve been cool if you had canada hiding in the corner still love the picture
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wooww :D omg greatest pic ever :D can you pain ultimate nations 2 -3-4-5.... because :D I love that :D and turkey is so handsome and smart :S: wowww :D ty
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Absolutely beautiful! (Except... Canada... D: )
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Absolutely beautiful! (Except... Canada... D:)
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UAH! É O AMÉRICA! LINDO LINDO LINDO! ^^ Espero que continue desenhando APH e Transformers! I wait that you continue to draw APH and Transformers ^^ (8)
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It looks so amazing!
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The Russians not considered a great power?
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And yet here I am trying to read it: Ul-ti-tltye Eelti-ops.
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Argh! I soooo wanna read this!!!!!!
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Seriously, you should have just heard my fangirl scream...
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Your Hetalia work is just incredible... I think I just favorited like five of your pictures ;____; BEAUTIFUL! <3
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