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Revised version helped by :iconmysteriousgray: Thank you so much! you definitely helped!!! and also thanks to my beloved pal :iconshecow: for let me borrowing your awesome camera XDD

yesssssssssssss!!! finally!!!!!
I'm sorry that I should have done more fancier but gosh still have homework to do this weekend..sorry folk! anyways, I'll update my description later >3<

Thanks you all!!!
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Hane-chan's avatar
I always liked this tutorial :) it's a bit sad, you're working right now more with CGs not traditional...but well, maybe one day you will drop something traditional again :)
Colutea's avatar
Awesome tutorial. Thanks!
The-Golem-Armada's avatar
Awesome tutorial. I really like your example piece.
Youkai-Meimi's avatar
Do you think rubber cement glue would work?
KitBashCreations's avatar
in all my years of drawing ive never heard of frisket. O___O; this opens a whole new world for me. i saw tutorial on instagram i think, where someone used like a paper type frisket and cut out the exact shapes they wanted to mask the rest of the artwork, so the hair or whatever would come out perfect. (like with an airbrush) ive been dieing to know what these tools are! you helped me unravel at least a small part of that mystery.
gaya-kitty2005's avatar
Ahhhhhhh! I am a huge fan I love all of your work :)
FireGemini's avatar
is the liquid watercolor/acrylic like the drawing ink?? can i use the water soluable ink in the same way? :D
Lady-Blueberry's avatar
your tut makes me wanna buy some watercolors.. i never tried them.. except when i was a child and didnt know  what to do with them :p
Flooface's avatar
I've got a question! You used acrylic for your background. When you start on the characters, you switch to watercolor, right? ;3;
NorngPinky's avatar
Hello, I am wondering what brand of watercolor paper you were using here or that you normally use nowadays? Mine first book did not absorb the water well and the paper surface kind of rubbed off once I used too much water/layering on to of it. 
Flooface's avatar
This is going to help me VERY VERY MUCH!! <3
7th-Child's avatar
how the hell can u do all that ;o; lol
blackCRYSTALeyes's avatar
Wow, I really like the background he made behind her :)
KhanhNguyen95's avatar
waooooo ~ real cool !!!!!! thanks so much >_< ~
pook1997's avatar
Awesome, thanks!
samui153's avatar
woa,seriously like your colouring,and this tutorial teach me alot,thanks~ :)
DandeiraArt's avatar
Thank you for this!
Riemea's avatar
Wow, this is a really great and very helpful tutorial! Thanks for sharing! I featured it here :)
prouddyz's avatar
this is absolutely useful! thank youu~:heart:
everfae's avatar
Beautiful! thanks for sharing :D
princeofrose's avatar
I have a question. I am finally going to try using watercolor w/copics so I do the background in watercolor and the people with copics-so I was wondering how do you clean a brush after you use frisket? Because I used hot water and soap but I guess I didn't clean it well enough and it dried on the brush =__=; So is there any special way to clean the frisket brush so it doesn't ruin the brush?
darksnowolf's avatar
i've heard frisket/maskingfluid literally is almost impossible to get off a brush which is why you use an old brush, it's the same reason why you use an old brush for gesso. fluids like this are hard/gluey/meant to be waterproof etc etc. so no luck i guess, buy more brushes? :)
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