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Spring :: Loki Laufeyson

Obviously Loki should be more fitted with the Winter theme than Spring, but since I've drawn Steve in that Winter theme...guess there's one spot available for Loki now...and that's absolutely not Summer theme (hence Thor will be taking XD).

The Hiddlesworth doujinshi I'm currently deadly working on will be finished pretty soon. After that, I should be back and more active on DA again. Until then, I deeply apologize again and thank you to everyone who kindly drops by. ; u ; Thanks for all the supports and loves that you all gave to me...thank youuuuu <3

Loki Laufeyson © Thor / Avengers / Marvel

Tools :: Watercolor, White acrylic paint
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© 2012 - 2021 Ecthelian
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Love the colors.
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Am I allowed to this? it a lot...

And squee?
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Wow!! Lovely colors!!
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KYAAAA!!!! I can't stop screaming!!!! 
I.. JUST.. LOVE.. IT... :scream: :screaming: :nuu: Extreme OMG Screaming FRED Figglehorn gif 2 
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*gawk* Loki looks so elegant here! I love the effect and the colors! 
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I love the picture
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that's beautiful ' O ' I love what you do with watercolors :3
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Is so good. I could've never painted that. Everything always blurs together.
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You should draw Ukitake from Bleach!! <3
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Waaaaaahh!!!! *V* It's Lokiiiiiii!!!!! Your drawing of him is really awesome!!!!!
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I've become such a fan of this character since seeing the films. I love your portrayal of him <3 That solemn, contemplative look, and the range of greens you've incorporated, even in his hair.
Why can't I be this talented???? :'( Your art is amazing though!!!!
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I'm unsure if I ever left a comment here. If I didn't I was wrong. This is beautiful! What you can do with color is spectacular!
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beautiful and stunning colors. I like this. :D
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This is REALLY good! I really like your how to book by the way! 😃 It inspired me to draw protesting girl.😄
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This is amazing!!!! :)
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you are now my new obsession :iconlachristmasplz:
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This is so insanely gorgeous.
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