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RL Commission_2 of Us

Yo Yo yo~!!! RL Commission, Waist-Up CG for

This's the second time for me to draw her OC, Ty, but indeed the first time drawing Brei,
anoter Swyth-chan OC *love Brei's character so bad! XD*

Love Love Bishie...:devil: Do you agree with me surely? *drools*

Tool : Painter & Photoshop
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очень красиво!
Спасибо! )))
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очень красиво.
мне наравится :)
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Freakin awesome!! Is that really digital?????
How the heck do you get that watercolour/copic look??? O.o Give us your secret *_* some awesome textures these must be!
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I think I'm in love with the guy with the red hair * U * <333
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is this really with Paint program and photoshop ? ..cuz it looks like u used watercolor ? O.o well I dont have a clue of programs ..I only draw by hand thats why XD
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It's very nice work :)
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Red haired is so handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! *where are such boys in reality??? T__T * Love pic :+favlove:
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*Knocked out*.I could have sworn that the red haired is a woman X|.
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beautiful!!! thats all i can say! -speechless-
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This is really awesome! How do you do these "dirty" textures?
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And more redhead love.

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Great arts!! I also love BL genre...

Btw, what is RL??? A game, movie, anime?
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Great arts!! I also love VL genre...

Btw, what is RL??? A game, movie, anime?
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I love your colours and texture on things, makes it... hmmm alive and I dont know.. also the characters seem so alive and vibrante. :heart: and HOT! :headbang: tee hee :flirty: Me love....
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Awesome job. love their clothes ^w^-
Constances's avatar
I completely agree with you!
:wow: This is so beautiful! Awesome job! :hug:
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hnnn~ another great picture
this one is really, really erotic =3
I adore the way they are looking at each other.
There's something telling what they are feeling for each other. The brownhaired one (ps REALLY SEXY CLOTHES D: ) really looks deaply in love XD that's just so cute.
For the redhaired:
I can see what he wants to do right now. His gentle, soft touch on the skin of his lover, his eyes that are full of desire jet patient and soft.
goash you really can put emotions into a great light =)

Another picture more than worthy a +fav
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Beautiful!:heart:I love the color and the texture on the draw.
Their expressions are really good too......and that hair!!!I want them, red and loooong XD!!!
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Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh sister Aziell~>________< :glomp:

Aha~XD you want to have red and long hair ne? *cut the left guy's hair off and send it to my sister*

/me got a sky kick from that guy immediately =[]="~!!! LOL
Aziell's avatar
noooooooooooooo!!!my little sis!!!!!*come to protect her ....and steals the hair XD*
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Shounen ai forever and eva! :love:
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Oooh, really cool :D They are both gorgeous, but i have a thing for pointy ears ;P
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