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Pietro Maximoff

....I beg you Marvel, please bring my cinnamon roll Petro back!!
(still put my hope up high for all possibility, though).
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XxSynisterxX's avatar
omg he looks amazing!
Iconsofanimes's avatar
Hello! Can I edit your art?
Fire-Link's avatar
Nice work. How's things going?
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I feel the same way—you can't have one twin in the movies without the other, it's just not right!
JeanaWei's avatar
There's still hope! Even Kingsman is bringing back Harry so anything could happen
EmolaWolf's avatar
Amazing work. :>
(...But, his name is Pietro, not Petro. XD)
Ecthelian's avatar
Oh shoot! I made the mistake there. Thanks for pointing out >__<
EmolaWolf's avatar
Love it! I was so sad when they took him away! The whole time I was looking forward to a bromance with Hawkeye. I absolutely love all the different shades of blue!
candyexorcist's avatar
I love the effects. Zoom zoom!
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Thorberg22's avatar
I like the X-Men Quicksilver much better.
Ecthelian's avatar
Both of them are cool, love them! :D
Eriu-Dawn's avatar
I want to see more of him too, Couldn't believe how that happened to him!!
Ecthelian's avatar
I still wish Marvel will bring him back in the future ;;___;; *grab your hands and shake*
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Sorry I don't know who he is...but love your work!! lol.
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