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Lost and Found

...Shonen-ai novel cover for DD. it's the same series of the one I've submitted before, Accidentally in Love -->[link]

...I guess this one is the next sequence volume. The characters in this image are May and Pesh and tend to be the main roles in the story.

T[]T...kya..I wanna read this one so bad! DD-san is very gorgeous writer and has become my favorite so fare right now...omg, love her works!


เพชรเอกมันเกรียน!!!! กรี๊ดดดดด...ถ้าบอกเกิดอยากจับคู่พี่มาร์คกับเพชรล่ะ? 555

Tools:: Painter IX and Photoshop CS
Time:: .............don't count...timeless? I guess!!!
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its not rape when your willing lol
Hotpan's avatar
absolutely gorgeous

and hot
cinismemoriae's avatar
Again your drawings are hot XD I like how you've done the shadows here o-o wish I could colour like that Dx
Great job :D
Strizard's avatar
A very nice couple, but I like especially the guy on the right. He reminds me of one of my RPG-Charakters. *-*
I searched for a picture that fits him very long and this attractiv man of yours is very kewl!
But that's not the only reason, I faved the picture. I like the stares of both of them and the contrast that comes up from the dark background and the white clothes of the left one.

Yours, Strizard
TT-TT's avatar
pretty lighting and shadows!! =D
lechopstix's avatar
I looove the colors you chose
xenopyro's avatar
สีสวยมากๆ เลยค่ะ >w<
Lady-Mango's avatar
Thats beautiful. Love the blue shading. Gorgeous work :)
Waiel's avatar
the sky looks lovely~
uke is cute; seme is hawt :D
Lillymon's avatar
love the blues and the long canvas :heart:
XxSilverxFangxX's avatar
*runs in circles*
*bangs head against keyboard*
I want
pinkjellyo's avatar
You are a killer ! >.< terrible chara designs and very talented for colos. mind to give me some pointers in the way I colour?
Ecthelian's avatar
><And I think the way you color is really talented already >< omg~!!
Ecthelian's avatar
=w="well...I don't know that you feel those characters are terrible design. I know your skill is much better than mine, sorry.
GothicPrincessYaoi's avatar
:love: waa they are sooo cute *3* :+fav:
AndreaTamme's avatar
Colouring = awesome

Their expressions are admirable, too, you can truly tell what it is they're feeling. Good work ^^
Arista's avatar
Meow ! This really shows the emotions tension here. I mean in a good sexy way! ^^ Its like just out in moon lit area having confession of feelings ^^;; Shading and texture you have here really makes it eye catching. I hope that DD (>>; I don’t know of her/him TT;; ) loved the cover ^^

XD too sexy of abs purr ^^;; ~sorry about fan girlness of post XD~

heh timeless XD I like that, you don't really care how long something takes once see the end piece and its simply beauty
LittleBlackPixie's avatar
I'm very curious, whre you got the texture from?
firedaemon's avatar
very pretty, the smaller guy looks so awkward and defenseless
x x x
Sayurichan980's avatar
o.o oh.. cute couple. :)
CommaQueen's avatar
So pretty. Their hair almost blends right into the background. The textures are nice, too--did you do those in Painter, or were they added in with Photoshop, I wonder?
Ecthelian's avatar
You mean textures? if that so, I adjusted them in Photoshop ^^. But mainly I did the entire piece in Painter.
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