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Novel Cover Commission@Jamsai Publishing

Since last time I have submitted Nyleha, =>[link] , so this time is for her hero, Jake. This one is gonna be the second volume of this novel series (and I guess...the editor has just told me lately that they might release the extended volume after that's mean one more? orz..OTL)

Okay...I'm 99.99%'s almost 5 AM in the morning!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! will sleep like a sloth for tomorrow! woopee!!!
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Wow! The art is amazing! What series is this from?
kidokaproject's avatar
mmmm~ i really like the uplifting feeling from this piece = ]
AngELofREbellion's avatar
nice color scheme, and good texture you put over it
aoisora119's avatar
as always, your works are superbly done~~
comichub's avatar
พระเอกปกนิยายหมีแซ่บทุกคนเลยแฮะ อู้วววว :love:
FormalIntroductory's avatar
I really love you art.
I apologise for asking you this, but I'm really interested in the same career when I'm older and was wondering if it pays well and is well...any good?
Ty. This is beautiful btw.
FLEXDONE's avatar
กรี๊ดดดดดดดดดดด หนุ่มเจค หล่อกระซวกไส้
พี่ค๊า เอาอีกๆ
borntodance222's avatar
very guuuud job, it loooks great!
Krisa01's avatar
ro-chan's avatar
D: I luv chu~ And that sky I luv that sky. :heart:
DasTenna's avatar
The atmosphere has something of old baroque and renaissance clerical paintings. Not the style, though ;p But I like your style.
DasTenna's avatar
That´s awesome! O.O
Armadais's avatar
Lovin' the brilliance here. =)
Superdemon-Inuyasha's avatar
nice job on this! looks great! 8D
artgurl1812's avatar
KYAA!!! :excited: :faint: this is totally KOOL!! I really am envious of your pieces. total inspiration to me. Just thinking, what is this novel you keep talking about and where can i get it?
Frenemie's avatar
great perspective:thumbsup: i love the colours too:)
Swii's avatar
Oh, the textures here are beautiful. I love the red cloak against a stormy background. And his expression is so strong and defiant.

Excellent job.
Kitty-Cato's avatar
Beautiful colouring! I love the worn technique
mynameisnotyoime's avatar
absolutely love the colours. C:
Scringeheart505's avatar
i hope you got your sleep, and i love this so much. i love his expression
yesi-chan's avatar
wow this is so amazing I just love every bit of it and the coloring just wow!
SierraStoneshield's avatar
I love that parchment-y look you gave it, how'd you do that?
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