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IRL_Resident Evil

:heart:IRL Commissioned from :iconevilchildren::heart:

Luis and Leon from Resident Evil/Biohazard/or SHOOT ME BABY...ok, the last one just kidding, don't shoot me...lolz *run away*

...don't care if the title sounds freeking nonsense...I know you will say there will be million titles that must be better but yah 'coz my brain isn't functioning and hell here my eyes're gonna be closed in few seconds, I don't think I can think about ANYTHING ANYMOREEEEEEE ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz...okii...appologize my sleepy mumbling.

Experiment painting w/ dark tones again. Speaking of which, I really do enjoy working w/ dark tones n' mood than bright-n'-pastelllllyyyyyy (or same word sometimes novel covers drive me nuts with sweetie colors! eek!!!). In actual my oldest sister seems to be more real fan of RE since I've none of any skills in shooting zombies games..lolz but dude can't help staring at Leon whenever she plays 'coz he's freeking hot!!! argh....*nosebleeding*. In fact I just play once on RE4 only 10 minutes..after that? you can imagine a girl who put down her console and run away...poor me.

So well hope you all will enjoy! TAT Yay...time for sleep and yeah tomorrow for school projects! eek!!!

Tools :: Painter 8 & Photoshop CS
Time :: ..........around 12 hrs? I guess...
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TensaiSaiyan's avatar
The look you gave Luis is is (goes and dies in corner). Makes me love him even more.
sakirabbit's avatar
that luis guy was awsme
DarkLullabye's avatar
Ah, I love this!
SmasherlovesEvil's avatar
Sexy couple! That's probably the first thing that came into my mind when they first introduce Luis in the game.
DURAMATRIX1123's avatar
haha poor leon..XD
really awesome work on this! :D
LaurenW24's avatar
Id personally like to invite you to join and submit this and all other RE art to my new group, :iconresident-evil-fans:

Devil-Black-Heart's avatar
I like RE4 welldone ..

love your work :woohoo: ..
audreybocchinixoxx's avatar
hmmm i dont know if you are an anime fan but if you are, there is this anime called Gravitation and Leon looks almost exactley like him in this piece! lol ^^
nice job. it looks like watercolor or acrylic paint. which one did you use?
TheMerryWolf's avatar
Wow. O.O The coloring on this is FANTASTIC!
Zelriku's avatar
WOW. I really love your art, and I was looking through Luis fanart cuz I just started to play the game again and BAM! I see this. xD Loooooove you. ... It. .... You.
... <3
LeonsBlackValkyrie94's avatar
OMG! Leon looks so hot in here. *drools* And the shades makes it more alluring and, gah! I just can't stop staring at this work. XD I guess it's because I'm a total Leon fan. XD Good job on this work. It brings out that real Resident Evil feeling. ^^
kynyagami's avatar
Wow!! Luis is so sexy! Great job!
VintageSocks's avatar
I absolutely ADORE how you drew Luis. Leon looks kinda girly, though.
LaPoke's avatar
Sexi *¬*
and hot, the perfect pair
Makotenshi's avatar
This is awesome! I really love this pairing. Tis' my favorite in the Resident Evil series.
ambitiouslove's avatar
This is gorgeous :D
Marusja08's avatar
I like it! Very cool!
Armedius's avatar
Wow, your cg skills are as awesome as your copic skills!! Definite fave!
Deviantgirl12's avatar
Awesome stuff. I love how Luis looks.
Mottenfest's avatar
I cannot even put into text my love fore this pic.*deis*
lanait's avatar
so...much...HOTNESS *dies* SMEXY!! i LOVE the way you drew this!
CorinneQ's avatar
This is absolutely a beautiful piece of artwork you have made. You actually designed Luis much better than the original designers, seriously though, you did. Great job, Leon looks adorable. *faves*
mynameisnotyoime's avatar
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