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IRL commissioned from :iconcrystali:

Purity is the general meaning of Lily, as most of us know. About this image, first I had the image of brilliant, colorful roses in my mind instead of white lilies (or as you blue *sweat*), but it turned out differently at the end whan I wanted to catch the essence of maiden, a pure woman. So my mind flipped into another choice...haha, but well, I still satisfy with it anyways! (even though they might not look like real lilies...)

Most of the time, blue conveys tragic, regret sense to viewers, but meanwhile I feel sometimes it can be represented as innocent and pure, don't you think so?

About white roses? reason, just feel it would fit on her hair rather than a bunch of lilies. I just my personal opinion though...

I cropped some detail if some of you would like to see it closely. ==>[link]

See you all again! XD

Time 5 hrs
Tools Painter and Photoshop CS
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How lovely! You illustrated this so prettily, and the lady looks so elegant with her loosely curled dark hair, stylish navy blue dress, and the enchantingly elegant environment you've created around her. The lighting is delightful too. :nod: Beautiful depiction! :aww:
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She's so beautiful. I love that you chose blue, I definitely think blue can represent innocence/purity as well as sadness. Blue's a very universal color in that aspect. ^^
I love her hair and eyes so much.
Fourz's avatar
She looks so pure ^^ Her eyes are and the soft look on her face are gorgeous! Beautiful coloring too! <3
kohaku-dono's avatar
She is so beautiful--I'm jealous!
WebQueen-Phoebe's avatar
She looks gorgeus! I wish i had hair like that :XD:
Ichinisa's avatar
aww you know this is so pretty, my name is Liliana, the people call me lili, and i really love the flower, and in fact i look like that >_>, jeje, you just need to change the colors, i feel this so personal *^*, thank you for drawing such a meaningful piece of art
vashperado's avatar
wow thats beautiful~ expertly done! ^^;
Fantasiawings's avatar
Awesome drawing and I love the colors. ^^
Devil-Black-Heart's avatar
fubuki-hime's avatar
i love the colouring style!
shichinin-tai's avatar
aaahhh, charming >D
kitton's avatar
Her eyes are so pretty! I love all of the flowers and the colours in this! Nice pic!
mistressofnightmares's avatar
This is so enchanting! I love her eyes and hair. This was beautifully done. Great job on coloring this.
neji-erstaunlich's avatar
very nice...i love it^^
and i love the title(she is really like the title says...)
great job...^^
Waiel's avatar
OMGoodness.... It's so pretty... Great name!
I wanna try drawing a background like that...with my sister's old water colours........
The flowers really suit her!
SentientSpence's avatar
Ah the texture looks so natural. Like watercolor.
Mischavie's avatar
Pure is exactly the word that came into my mind the moment I saw this-- it's absolutely gorgeous. I love the textured details and the fluid brush strokes. It adds a whole new layer of emotion to the picture.

I think, while the fore-front of the picture is very gentle in color, the colors behind her are darker-- so as to answer your question, I think it shows the reality of balance. There's a darker side to it, I guess?
sunari's avatar
she really looks pure!:) she kind of reminds me of snow white...
Seraphim-Silveran15's avatar
Blue always makes me feel nice and calm, just as it does in this drawing. You coloured it really well. :)
Zue's avatar
I :heart: the way you colored this! :love:
RadioCanvas's avatar
What beautiful eyes and lips. I love the way that she seems to be enveloped in the lovely blues of the flowers. It's almost like water, just beautiful <3.
Melissa-T's avatar
Odly enough the blue hues in this make me feel warm
MayYeo's avatar
Beautiful as always, she really looks pure and innocent =) I love the color scheme. Blue lillies, who cares? xD
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