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Cropped one of my coloring comic pages NONAME CAFE (well, colored version just a part of my final project. We have to color our comic 4 pages, and at least one of pages has to be your original work). fever goes up again, after I done this one I have to sleep now. Please take care, everybody! Being sick ain't FUN at all!!!

(PS. Mom already scolded me for not going to sleep...but I have to finish this one ma!!!!! ;;_______;; )

Inking by G-pen, and Coloring in Painter and Photoshop
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Really really like the color combination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are feeling better!!!!
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Guys with glasses!YAY!
*looks in mirror*
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The background is great. :)
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His expression is great, I love the colours! They're really nice.
xxxRiku-chanxxx's avatar
amazing! simple but one of ur best. it looks great from far and close up :D.
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wow thats sooo good i cant even come close to that!
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absolutely beautiful coloring dude.
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Nice. Brilliant colouring!
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I love this picture.
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I hope you get better very soon. A beautiful picture, that I tell you. :)
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Guys with glasses *squeeee* :blush::giggle:
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How can your mother scold you when you draw this beautifully? o_o;
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She scolded me because I was working on this page rather than going to sleep. ^^;
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If I drew that good, my mom probably wouldn't care if I was drawing instead of sleeping lolll
I get my best art done at night for some reason o3o
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dsahfdkjfd if what are you doing if you are sick get to bed kumamaaa~~ D:

Though I must say, this I think is my favorite piece by you so far. There is just something about it. The composition, the colors, it's simple but capturing.
I want to see the finished comics! *D*
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This is very nice!!!!!
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