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Echo :: Steve Rogers

…cause my echo, echo
is the only voice coming back
my shadow, shadow
is the only friend that I have

-Jason Walker / Echo-

Steve Rogers © Captain America / Avengers / Marvel

Since the song's been playing like an endless loop in my head so I've decided to draw Steve version of my Echo's inspiration. Now my life is completed TvT…*sob*

Tony's piece --> [link]

Tools :: Watercolor, White acrylic paint
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© 2012 - 2021 Ecthelian
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The Star-Spangled Man with a plan.
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Colors are amazing!!!
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*Orihime Inoue uses the Soten Kisshun on Steve Rogers*

Steve Rogers: Orihime...can I ask you something?

Orihime Inoue: Sure, go ahead.

Steve Rogers: Are you an angel?

Sakura Haruno: Out of all the Star Wars quotes you can think of, you think of one from the Prequel Trilogy?

Steve Rogers: I'm not quoting Star Wars. I'm actually asking it. Are you, Orihime Inoue, an angel?

Orihime Inoue: No, I'm not...why would you ask something like that?

Steve Rogers: Violet is an Inhuman. Sakura uses ki. That, I can understand. But I have no idea what your powers are and where they come from. Only angels and saints have the power to heal the sick.

Violet Parr: That's a pretty blanket statement, and one that Orihime's existence disproves.

Orihime Inoue: Look, Steve...I'm a metahuman. I was born with these powers. I don't know where they came from. Maybe they do come from God. Maybe not. All I know is that, if I have the power to heal the sick by waving my hands and chanting "SOTTEN KISSHUN, I REJECT!", it's my obligation to do so. That's why I became a Night Nurse.

Steve Rogers: Fair enough. I understand the responsability of using your powers to benefit mankind. That's why I became Captain America, after all. Why the Super Soldier Serum worked on me. It's like what Peter Parker says...with great power comes great responsability.
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Everything is stunning, but the colors are epic!
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The colours, it's perfect La la la la 
ZoeChase's avatar
Wow, this looks amazing! 
Well done :happy: 
KaiLisis's avatar
really, really beautiful!
ShadowXNicole's avatar
do you use Manga Studio?
hfdrydg's avatar
Stony!It's wonderful!
SpinoGurl123's avatar
sooo beautiful! <3 love STONY :D
Fb-PHE13's avatar
That is amazing! ;w; The colors are beautiful and Cap looks amazing. >w<
RomanticalCat's avatar
W.O.W. This is so beautiful! The colours, his expression...

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Beautiful. I love the rich, full-bodied colors and the sharp contrasts. Very well done!
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A stunning piece!
MadxRhapsodyx17's avatar
The complimenting artwork for Tony! His lovely Steve! :heart: :heart:

I'm in love with the colors, the effects and the details you've used. :D

Beautiful piece, my dear. Absolutely beautiful. <3
MadxRhapsodyx17's avatar
Ack! I forgot to :+favlove: this! Sorry! ^^;
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Hi. I would just like to let you know that this piece has been featured in my Marvel Monday feature here [link] today. Have a wonderful day!
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Crys self to sleep because she will never have your watercolor skills
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so beautiful!and i love it!
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i love the rich colors used in this water color painting, :)
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I love how the next movie is called The Winter Soldier~ Fits perfectly with this beautiful picture~
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EHRMERGERD I just downloaded Echo by Jason Walker onto my iPod one and a half seconds before clicking on your art asdfjkl; IT'S A SIGN
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