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Aiden and Cain

Copic Commission for :icondraiad:

...apologize for the uncreative title, my head is too dizzy to think anything now. This one is actually finished few days ago before I'm sick...YES, I'M CURRENTLY SICK DURING THIS SCHOOL FINAL WEEKS! DAMNIT!!! *curse my immune system*

T______________T...orz. sorry for my annoying rant. I just wanna get well soon....*cry*
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how'd you do the eyes! O . 0 : D D D
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The hands are looking reaally good, not to mention the hair (facial hair also *-*) I love this one ~:heart:
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Nicely done. Loving the colors. :D
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Beautiful work as always! And you're totally free to rant as far as I'm concerned! Sorry for this being late, but hopefully you got better soon! *cries with you*
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Their faces look so unique and beautiful! The colors are amazing too and I adore those eyes. :love:
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Damn the one in the fur coat sure is hot!
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Get well soon. Awesome picture btw :heart:
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hey the eyes pop out! its beautifull
Cee-Seven's avatar
the colors are so bright... and the texture is so unique :lol:
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Get well soon :heart:
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I'm happy since the day that I watch you... ;o;...
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:drool: :drool: :drool:

hehe.... HOT GUYS!!

*runs in dizzying circles and drops to the ground frothing at the mouth*

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Oh and very beautiful love the color choice. l3
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I have a question what kind of paper do you use for your copic markers?
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I normally use cardstock for coloring.
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awesome, love the clothes.
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You should drink tea (like green tea) often and you won't get sick.
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What media did you use for this? It looks really cool!
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Copic markers ^^
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Marvellous coloring, and excellent positioning!
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traditional art?
wath paintings?
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