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GTRO: Alderan by EcoRuins GTRO: Alderan by EcoRuins
This character got unexpected great development LOL. HE DESERVES TO BE A MAIN-/KICKED

Basic Information

Name: ???
Birthday: December 10th.
Alias: Alderan (self given), Sting (black market alias), Stinky/Stink (by Gertrude).
Age: 30 years old.
Height: 1.85m
Eye color: ice blue.
Hair: dark brown.
Town: Lighthalzen

All his life Alderan has been a curious person, is what drives most of his actions, to the point to do unmoral and inhuman things without caring the slightest about someone's well being.
Alderan tends to treat well his victims to the point that they develop Stockholm syndrome towards him. However, he is not attached to anyone or anything sentimentally. He lacks the ability to feel empathy, love and care, only being able to mimic those emotions and actions. 
He tends to hide his emotions behind a wide smile, but his eyes tells otherwise, showing a man that doesn't have feelings. Thus, he always hide his sight with his hair . Also, he has erratic behaviour, tending to rage when feeling stress.
Alderan's behaviour changes completely towards his clientele and important contacts, behaving like a professional. Totally different from his treatment towards Gertrude.

Alderan is analytic, mysterious, mostly calm person and loves to waste bad jokes on people, being slightly childish at sometimes. However, he can be easily angered, resulting in aggressive actions. At sometimes he seems lost in his thoughts and shows inconsistent but repetitive actions in his routine, like changing the organisation system for things like his clothing.

Alderan can be very possessive towards someone, his jealousy can trigger his wrath, which he has trouble to handle. He would often harm himself by punching the wall or holding things so strongly until they break.

Born in Lighthalzen within a wealthy family, however he distanced himself from them as he started his business in the black market. Currently works along with Gertrude Moriarty, in experiments related to body enhancement.
After she left him, he is only focused on his work at the black market. However, is visited by two entities that obligates him to work for them.

Back Story:
Alderan was born in a wealthy family from Lighthalzen, he received the best education money could afford. However, since he was a kid his behaviour was odd, only being really interested in something when he was curious about it, it was the beginning of his scientific interests. 
Later on, he decides to become an alchemist and became obsessed with biology, pursuing the creation of the perfect homunculus, which caused him to kill most of his creations for being less than that, an obsession he carry on until now.
To afford his life as a scientist, he started a small business selling ingredients and potions. The business grew enough for him to have a whole market network around it. With the money he gained, started his own laboratory in his house, where he does gruesome experiments, between them he managed to mass produce homunculus, which were more powerful than the normal ones. It was his start point at the black market and be well known about it, but not only because of it; also he did sell the bodies that weren't useful for him.
Along his way he meets Gertrude Moriarty, providing her for bodies to test her drugs, as well as she provided him with drugs to enhance his homunculus.

-Anything that makes him curious
-Sweet things
-Loud music
- Sourvenirs

-Isaac Grau and The Ace.
-Failure in his experiments
-Disrespectful people towards him
-People messing with his work

- Analytic behaviour
- Deep and quick thinking
- Enough physical strength
- Expert geneticist 

- Anger issues
- Erratic behaviour
- Doesn't have support skills.
- A bit of an alcoholic.

Gertrude J. Moriarty: His Queen. He works with her in his main experiment and loves to tease her. Lately, she makes him feel again, thus he developed an obsession for her and wants her around. After losing her, he acknowledged his love for her, yet hasn't told her.

Eco Luftleer: He is very curious about her. He got interested in her after seeing her tattoos, since he saw similar runes on the Rune Stones. Secretly, wants to unveil her true nature.

Isaac Grau: Love rival. He hates Isaac with passion for calling "wife" to his woman and for thinking she is his. However, he had to let her stay with him after some events.

Weiss Wilhelm: Scientific partner that he treats with great respect. His treatment towards him is very polite and distant.

Izuna Saburo: Subject for his main experiment. He success into saving Izuna's life and his body survived Gertie's drug. However, Alderan hates him after he went rampage and destroyed his lab.

A.C.E: Conscious of ACE's past with his woman, Gertie. Alderan can't keep together his jealousy and wrath about it. Finds deeply disgusting his interest on her.

Pia: new assistant, she doesn't talk much to him.

- Currently, he posses a homunculus: Sera, which is the closest to perfection within her species. She is extremely loyal towards her master, and is capable of doing things by her own without her master's orders.

- Alderan loves to tease Gertrude whenever he has the chance and calls her with possessive nouns. Lately, he has developed affection towards her, but is incapable of recognise it. After some events, he acknowledged his love for her, still hasn't tell her.

- Has a heart pin that uses to comb his hair.

- Doesn't say his real name.

- He has a slight degree of autism and is a workaholic.
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