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Shadow Priest and Frost Wyrm

based on the new Hearthstone event; i adjusted Wrathion's design to make him look dead too.
(i also tried to make him look disheveled, as he seems/seemed to care a lot for his appearance and frost wyrms loose their personality once resurrected.)
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Humanized Frost Wyrm, one cool bad boy(s)
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I love it..... you turned it into an amazing piece, great job!! Heart Heart Heart 
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except that Frost Wyms are from the Blue Dragon Flight, and Wrathion is the last of the Black Dragon Flight, which become Magma Wyrms upon un-death
but other than that little inaccuracy, great job!
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lmao i know that.
many frost wyrms were resurrected from the dragonblight, a place where corpses of all dragon flights where located; the scourge turned them all into frost wyrms, showing that all dragons can turn into frost wyrms (that could've been retconned later as different types of undead for different dragons, not sure)
there's also a blue dragon in karazhan resurrected as a magma wyrm, figured the same can happen vice versa to a black dragon.

most importantly: blue and frost fit better into the whole death knight scheme, aesthetics 'n all that jazz.
(but i did make sure it's lore-accurate, bc i'm a huge fuckin nerd)
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I know about Dragonblight, and I also know that only the dragons from the Azure Dragon shire were resurrected into Frost Wyrms, the wyrms were subsequently used to attack the other dragon shires. the reason for blue dragon to be frost wyrms is due to their ability to breath ice as well as control the arcane.
different dragons will resurrect as different types of elemental wyrms, such as how black dragons are resurrected as magma wyrms, due to their ability to breath fire, and their control over the earth
due to the green dragon flight's control over the life giving powers of the emerald dream, and the red dragon flight's power over all other life, I question if they are capable of being resurrected into un-death at all
the magma wyrm in karazhan I would have to do some research on to see if it really was a blue dragon before it was undead

but all this is rendered null and void due to your biggest point: the aesthetics
it is art, but more importantly it is YOUR art, so as far as I am concerned, you do not need to care if it is lore accurate or not
I know I would not, and it is good to look at, so all other points are rendered moot in the face of the aesthetic appeal:D (Big Grin) 
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i've read that too, and it makes sense to have different types of undeath with different types of powers, but nightbane was definetly a blue dragon, so..
eh, maybe it's just blizzard being very 'open' with their own lore again hah

but yes, i agree with you there! that's why it's called artistic freedom i suppose
thanks, i'm glad you like it anyway!
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