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Private Eye by Beck-illy
Economy Comics: THE WALLPAPER by ecomical
Once u-Pun a Time
Once uPun a Time: Strip 5 by RatButcher
Once uPun a Time: Strip 004 by ecomical
Once uPun a Time: Strip 003 by ecomical
Once uPun a Time: Strip 002 by ecomical
Skinny and Boobs
The case of the lost puppy by Beck-illy
Things Living
Ecomical Barf
Gonna need that nose spray by Beck-illy
Kitty Scars by Beck-illy
In which gaming created stigmata by Beck-illy

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Bramble Grizzly
Bramble-Grizzly comic page 7 by IridescentMirage
Grizzly-Bramble comic page 6 by TabbyTwist
Bramble-Grizzly comic page 5 by IridescentMirage
Grizzly-Bramble comic page 4 by TabbyTwist
Danse Macabre
Godfall Audition pg 1 by Silentfright

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How Ecomical Works

EconomyComic Comics will be posted and organized in folders under "Gallery"

Anyone can request their comic be featured in the "Favorites" tab as a collection.

Economy Comics is not about the artwork, but rather the message. Whether it be comedy or drama, we are looking for quality writing. The comics don't need to follow a story. They can be done Cyanide&Happiness style, or Dr. McNinja style. And this is not strictly a home for comedic comics, though it is very welcome to them. Just as welcome as it is to serious comics.

This group is here to share ongoing comics across dA. We hope to promote any comics featured in the gallery and the favorites. Although only admins and contributors will be able to post in the blog, make sure to let us know about any news about your comics, and we'll try to make sure it gets mentioned.

Please try to keep this a family friendly environment. I am not restricting mature content, but please give the viewers warning, and please don't have consistent excessive nudity.

EconomyComics is looking for artists both with and without already going comics. Let us know if you wanna draw comics under our name! Together, we can make it that our art is seen by every deviantARTist out there!
for it being so long since the last upload. I promise I'm going to stop with the excuses and false hope soon. Mean while, anyone who wants to help with the project that has been distracting me, hop on minecraft server
I know just how much you guys like helping me. I must be worth so much to you guys.
So there is a reason it's been a while since I've posted a comic. (No way! Excuses? Who saw this coming? Seriously, not me. I didn't.) My tablet's being a dildo and not cooperating. The drivers are all fucked so I can't open preferences to change the settings of my pen. Basically I've lost the pressure sensitivity function in my tablet until I can fix it. I rely heavily on pressure in the pen. I figured if I waited a few days it would suddenly start working again, (that is how computers work, if you didn't know), and that hasn't been the case. In the future I'll be submiting comics drawn on paper and scanned. (Sssssooooo old school.) That is of course until I can get my bamboo working. Until next time. Honk chica Blarg Blarg.
Once uPun a Time is going to be taking a short break while I start up my other series, "THINGS LIVING".

Things living is a comic about two survivors of a horrible plague in the city  of New Vendin. The disease is mutating civilians and animals in to horrible monstrous creatures.

So it sounds like a typical apocalyptic fiction, blah blah blah, it's been done before, blah blah blah. There are two reasons I am doing this:
  One, I have honestly wanted to do an apocalyptic comic since I was born. I popped out of the slippery canyon between my mother's legs with the intention of one day spawning this comic. It's true.
  Two, I am doing something tricky here. I have already given enough clues for Skinny and Boobs to solve what I'm doing, can you guys? I was hoping to not have to give it away until the.. uh.. let's call it "event", happens, but whatever. If you guys figure it out, you figure it out. Anyone who DOES figure it out gets a llama badge from me.

Until next time, happy doodlin'!
Page five is finished being drawn. I have an idea, and I need your opinion. So as of right now, what Ive been doing is I'll draw (which takes me 1 or 2 hours) and then I'll color (which can take me nearly a day, depending). So what I want your opinion on is:

1. Should I continue the current deal

2.Should I upload a screen cap of the black and white as a 'sneak peak' deal.

3. Should I abandon color, at least until I can find someone to help me with the comic.

What do you guys think? The coloring can add 2 days or more to the release time if I have to work or something. I'd really like your opinions, thanks.

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