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What is the definition of Ecocide?
Used to refer to the large-scale destruction of the natural environment, or over-consumption of critical non-renewable resources.

We are a group based on the principles of environmentalism. The point of this group is to bring attention to the destruction of our ecosystems. To share images and thoughts relating to habitat loss, species extinction, climate change, contamination of land and water, soil erosion, overpopulation, as well as our behaviour relating to wildlife, animal abuse, inequality, and exploitation. All things that result from the continued industrialization of our planet.

We are now living in the Anthropocene epoch. It is time we acknowledged our impact and discuss where it has brought us and where we are willing to let it take us in the future.

share your art, photography, and expressions.

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At this time there is only one rule: No spam
ie: efforts to flood the group with unrelated tripe, because someone dislikes environmentalism, or they are needing attention.

Submissions can be about the ENVIRONMENT, our impact on the natural world, or nature itself. In any medium.

- This could be images of relatively untouched nature, a dystopian nightmare, or one tree trying to eke it's way through a crack in the concrete.

-essays poems or relevant journal entries.

You decide what ecocide means to you.

Let us know if anything needs attention or there is anything you would like to see.

This is your group not mine.

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Essays and Poetry
3 Dangerous Delusions of SocietySurveillance is fine if you have nothing to hide.To me, it should be self-explanatory why surveillance is very much not fine no matter what, why giving up on your personal privacy and freedom is not okay, and that does not depend on whether or not you have something to hide. To start with, the right of personal freedom, personal privacy, personal autonomy, is innate. It's true that this right can be legally infringed when a person has committed a crime. However, in that sense to have your privacy breached, e.g. in the form of surveillance, is to be treated like a criminal regardless of whether or not you are doing anything wrong. The point is not that you might be doing something wrong. The point is that you may not. The most fundamental principle of justice is "Innocent Until Proven Guilty". In the case of mass surveillance under the pretext of "safety", this is flipped around to "Guilty Until Proven Innocent", where the surveillance serves to prove you're not guilty of anything. You see, it is inherently and profoundly wrong to treat people as though they are breaching rules by observing them at all times. Surveillance on public places infringes the privacy of everyone, at all times. Even the thought of that to me is sickening. Think of China, the way the government scrutinizes every citizen at all times, using facial recognition and advanced AI algorithms to track and analyze where they go, what they do, who they talk to, whether or not any part of their personal life is acceptable to the government. Sounds scary, doesn't it? Sounds messed up and sick, too. You may think this can never happen in the West, but in reality, it's already happening, just in different ways, using different lures to sell this horror to the public and get it to agree, and yet utilizing the same technologies. It's just that unlike the Chinese, you allow that for sake of perceived safety, for sake of convenience, for sake of online services, which nevertheless track your online activity, your contacts, your interests, your shopping habits, your physical location and movement, et cetera. Do not dwell under the naďve impression that it's different, the technologies are the same, the possibilities of putting you in a digital prison are exactly the same as in China. Because that's what mass surveillance really is.Surveillance is a key element in every dystopian fiction because surveillance is about control – the ability of those in power to exert control upon those they govern, in other words: us. Nowadays they sell that under the pretext of "safety", but how safe are you really when they have full control over you and your life, while you have no real control over them. You may think that control upon them is not needed because they have been put there to serve society. Naďve as it may be, but let's say they actually obey that duty to society and nothing more. But if they don't need to be put under control because they are inherently keeping their duty to society, then why do you need to be put under such control – this implies an inherent assumption that you will disobey that same duty they are supposedly never going to. Therefore, you are less reliable than them? Reality is much too different though. In reality, assuming that those in power will not abuse that power is beyond naďve because on purely psychological level, obtaining power over others changes the psyche of a person and twists the way they perceive right and wrong. The person in power begins to believe that he/she is in the right above others because the feeling of power itself, the approval of others in the form of political support, provides such internal validation; at the same time they begin to objectify the others they have power upon purely because they do have power upon them and that converts them to "subjects". This obviously warps their morality because it impairs their empathy – the ability to put yourself in the shoes of the other person – converting them into a sort of psychopaths even if they were not such in the first place (though in the reality of politics, they often are). In other words, after a certain point of obtained power, they can no longer perceive the wrong in what they do to others, and their motivation inevitably shifts towards other drives – and that happens even when they genuinely want to do good, even when they genuinely still feel as though they are motived by the wellbeing of society. The thing is, they no longer can really assess what is the wellbeing of those they govern because they lose the ability to really empathize with them, to put themselves in the shoes of those people. And that is even if they had noble motivation in the first place. In many cases, they don't really because it wasn't the good and wellbeing of society that got them where they are – but pure selfish interest and greed. A sad lot of people who make it to higher politics or positions of authority of any kind, get there with far more of their own personal ambitions at heart than your interests – and that's natural. Everyone is selfish, everyone is an egoist, because that's how survival and evolution works. The problem arises when the natural selfish drive is given too much power and relieved of control by others, and especially so when it is extended through a long time. So do not dwell on the delusion that those in power will not abuse that power given, for whatever possible reason you may imagine or believe in. Over the centuries, history has shown time and time again that those put in power sooner or later WILL abuse that power, and nowadays psychology can explain very clearly and logically why. It's not far-fetched, it's not fantastical, it's not a conspiracy theory, nor a fictional dystopia – it's just how things are in the human psychology. That's why this power must never exceed certain limitations. That's why it must always be subjected to control by the people that gave it in the first place. That's why you cannot trust any authorities that obtain total power over you instead to keep you safe. That's why you must never give up your personal freedom and privacy to that power – because giving up your personal freedom and privacy to it is anything BUT safety. Remember that and know it in theory because you really, really do not want to discover it in practice.I must admit I was deeply astounded that I needed to explain all this, I still remember the first time I had to explain to someone why censorship is not okay. I come from a country in which governmental control and monitoring (with far less advanced technologies though) was used for repressions until far too recently. To me, all this is beyond self-explanatory. The whole point is, surveillance and control by the authorities become really fucked up when you are on the other side of the line – when you are one against whom they use it. You keep assuming that you can never find yourself in such a position because you are a good and responsible citizen, you obey the rules and respect the law and authorities. This is your most dangerous illusion, because you are essentially assuming that just because you don't go breaking the rules, they will never abuse their power either. But the truth about restrictions bourne on fear is that they only escalate, until such a time comes that innocent people are put at the stake too, because fear rules are those that treat you as a criminal before you break rules. Such as mass surveillance, bourne on the fear of crimes, or of terrorism, or of a virus, or who knows what else. The list only grows and it will continue to grow, while your freedoms will be continuously shrunk. Think very well how long are you going to allow it, because one day you may no longer be able to change it, because any and all physical power will have been taken away from you by those that possess technologies that can actually put in subjugation entire nations. That's why to people who are too aware of the ways the government can abuse power, mass surveillance feels disturbing on a deep level, because deep down you know how this can go very, very wrong. Unfortunately, nowadays the majority of people are less and less capable of feeling that because they give up their privacy willingly, partially for the convenient little toys provided by the IT giants, and partially because they are growing more and more used to share all manner of personal details publicly online, disregarding their actual safety and shattering their own privacy to pieces. They do that because it pushes those naughty little social buttons in the brain, it makes them feel special to be in the spotlight of acquaintances and strangers alike with everything they do, with even the trivial things. After all, people care about the trivialities of life of celebrities – and when you share silly little details about your breakfast to the attention of others on the web, you begin to feel like a celebrity yourself. But ask yourself: is this shallow, false self-worth really worth it.Obeying the rules is an utmost virtue and responsibility.Rules are not unique to humans – in fact all social groups in any animal species have some form of rules that govern the interaction between the individuals. In that sense, rules are a natural concept, and quite doubtlessly they are needed for the society of any animals (including humans) to function. However, just like rules are a natural thing, breaking them also is. In any animal society there are both rules and individuals that break them. However, the human society nowadays is developing the idea that following the rules is the cornerstone of a thriving civilized society, and that there cannot be exceptions nor conditions to that. In that, society is very wrong. While this is still demonstrated in popular culture, by characters who would disobey orders which conflict morality, where rules in general life are regarded, more and more obeying them is perceived as unquestionable virtue and even necessity, regardless of whether or not said rules make any sense or not.Contrary to popular belief, obeying the rules is not inherently the right thing. Rules can be wrong. Rules are still made by people and people make mistakes, overlook facts, misjudge. This is true for every person and every normal person should be able to see it about themself in everyday life – then why behave as though those making up the rules are an exception, as though they can never ever be wrong? Some would argue that whether or not a rule is wrong is irrelevant – if it is wrong it should be rectified, but for as long as it is in place, it must be obeyed. This is counterproductive and silly at best. At worst, it harms and kills others. A bad rule can inflict far more damage than disobedience even only for the simple reason that the majority will follow the rule blindly, without thinking it over, just because it exists – and thus sometimes do harm. To wait for bad rules to be fixed sometimes can be nothing short of a moral crime. What makes it even worse is that when the harm is done because of a bad rule, it is often excused under the pretext that "people just followed the rules" – but in reality that doesn't make it any less wrong. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who suffered the consequences of such a rule. Therefore, the only sensible way to go when a rule doesn't make any sense, is to ignore it and point out to the others how and why it is wrong. Then how to know that a rule is bad or nonsensical? Simple – and yet not – by thinking with your own head instead of blindly following whatever someone else has commanded. This brings us to the most important part.While obeying rules is obviously not always the right thing, even less so it is being responsible. You might have heard many times that "you must be a responsible citizen and follow the rules". In truth however, obeying the rules is exactly the opposite of responsibility – it is shifting responsibility from yourself upon those who made the rules in the first place. The reason is simple: when you follow the rules, the actions you perform are not really your own decision, but directed by somebody else. You decide to follow the rules, but what the rules command is not your decision nor your idea – and thus they are not really your responsibility. If you are a truly responsible person, and not just "a good citizen", you'll assume the responsibility for your actions at all times, even when it isn't really yours, at least for the decision to follow the rules. But because the rules essentially take decisions for you, the responsibility will never be entirely yours. You only truly take full responsibility when you are breaking the rules. Then and only then, you make a decision that is truly and fully yours – and thus the responsibility for it is yours alone. And contrary to what most people nowadays believe – this is not only sometimes not wrong at all, but is necessary in every person's life. I'd go as far as to say it is an essential part of becoming a person. Why? Because the most important part of being a person is to be able to take decisions and bear the responsibility for them. This is what builds character, this is what makes a personality and is absolutely fundamental for one's personal freedom. Especially while growing, a person needs space to be able to break rules and take responsibility for what they do on their own. Nowadays, rule breaking is very much shunned, kids aren't only demanded to obey all the rules the adults make for them, but they are put more and more into a digital prison where their opportunity to disobey rules is progressively shrinking. The adults typically believe that this is "for the children's own good", that they protect them from harm this way, prevent them from making mistakes and doing things they'd later come to regret. But by doing so, by overprotecting them (and borderline imprisoning them), they deprive them of essential parts of growing as an individual and a person. Breaking the rules, making mistakes, even the fear of punishment and the regret later, is how we learn the most about life and living, it's how we learn to be complete persons. Without any of that, a person grows into a semblance of personality that doesn't really know how to handle the bad side of life, and everyone is guaranteed to encounter that sooner or later. What is worse, without that the person grows not knowing how to be truly responsible and free.On a global scale, this growing inability of humans to be responsible, is already causing a worldwide catastrophe. The fundamental and inherent problem of rules is that they shift responsibility. When a rule is in place (usually in the form of a law or other kind of legal regulation), it relieves the general population from relevant responsibility. Ideally, this responsibility should then reside with the makers of the rule. In practice, however, this seldom if ever really works, especially where harm upon non-human living beings is regarded. Harm done upon the planet as a whole becomes massive nowadays, in theory there is shared responsibility for that, but in practice no one really bears any of it – and the harm continues to grow. The problem is that when rules upon rules upon rules have been piled, the responsibility becomes so diluted that it practically fades into nothingness. Then eventually, it will be born by everyone when all the harm done backfires upon humanity – but is it really necessary to get this far? This example illustrates very clearly, and very strikingly, how the responsibility of absolutely everyone can be washed away into complete nothingness by too many rules behind which there is no real responsibility. The point is, rules facilitate and condone the loss of responsibility to begin with. This is also the reason why humans are so keen on rules – not really because of "order" or "fairness", no. Rules are seldom really about fairness. The actual psychological reason behind the human obsession with rules has two main components: first, the drive to control, and second, the aversion of responsibility. The human drive to control is evident in nearly every aspect of human life, society and culture (if you can look at it objectively, that is), yet it becomes nothing short of rampant in those who attain governing power. On the other hand, the individual itself is prone to shun responsibility, and that is perhaps an equally strong drive. While among the individuals in government this results in deliberately diluting responsibility in bureaucracy and in politics as a whole (which is pretty much what politics is all about), among the majority of people it results in them hiding behind rules and the illusion called "democracy" alike; effectively both parties participate in the same unspoken and unwritten agreement that lies are thrown in all directions and responsibility altogether is thrown away into nevermore. The sad truth about the world today is that there is none of it – and the people prefer it this way, both those in government and those being governed. Because responsibility is heavy. It requires effort, it requires thinking, it requires simply being responsible – and it's so much easier to shift it away, and the ways to do so are abundant, both offered and embraced gladly. For the majority of society in fact, it is convenient to such utter extent that they'd rather cling to the bars of a prison made for them than fight for Freedom, as long as they have an illusion of one to fool themselves with. In fact, it is so convenient, that Freedom has lost its meaning for them, they no longer even want it. That is perhaps the saddest truth of all.Fixing just about anything is only a matter of enough money.This is one of the most dangerous delusions, and it should also be a very obvious thing, yet it seems to elude to nowadays' society in a number of ways: no, money cannot fix everything, there are great many things that no measure of money can ever fix. I am sure that the majority of people can very clearly see and comprehend the truth of that if they give it a thought, but they seldom do, they live with a peace of mind bourne on the apparent perception that things can be fixed, often times to the point it is far too late already. Thus they fail to act in time and fail to avert disasters that recently keep growing bigger and bigger. So here is the moment to indeed give it a serious thought.What is money? Money is an abstraction, a fiction of humans created in society to make economical exchanges easier. Money is not a magic wand. Money is literally only a means to make other people do what you want or give you what you want – nothing more. Money has no meaning and no value whatsoever outside of the human society. Outside of humanity, money does not exist. It has no power whatsoever, it does not do anything – only people do. Which is why money can only help as much as the people can help. For what humans physically cannot do, any money is completely and utterly useless. Far too many things humans cannot do and cannot fix – and therefore neither can money. The course of humanity nowadays is inflicting more damage upon the world than ever before – and that's a plain fact, for two reasons: first, because the technologies are now far, far more potent than ever before, yet not much more wisely used than in the past; and second, because the human population has grown to such tremendous size that its sheer biological demand upon the planet is critical, even without taking into account the stupidity and irresponsibility of how the natural resources are being handled – or more like pillaged. Humanity is destroying the Nature of Earth at a tremendous pace – do not dwell on any illusions in that regard, you do not have the right to dwell on illusions, nor can you and your children afford it anymore. Most of this damage is done for money (either for saving or gaining more), but by far most of it cannot be mended by money, no matter how much. All the funds in the world collected together cannot undo the damage done. At the same time, humanity is inflicting a lot of damage upon itself as well – likewise for the gain of more money and the political power that goes with it, or vice versa. That too, cannot be mended even by all the money in the world. When your children are growing up with degenerated immunity and health – money cannot fix that. When the next generation fails to develop abilities to think and analyze – money cannot fix that. When the digital lifestyle causes cognitive disabilities and lifelong psychological disorders in the youth – money cannot fix that. When humanity fucks up its own gene pool – money cannot fix that. When the human consumption depletes the natural resources of the planet – money cannot restore them. When the balance of the planetary climate is destroyed – money cannot recreate it. When toxic waste across the globe is poisoning the soil, the water, the oceans, and even the rain – money cannot help that. When the pollution wipes out the pollinating insects and the plants cease giving fruit – money cannot feed you instead. When whole ecosystems are being wiped out – money cannot recreate them. When entire species are driven to extinction – money absolutely cannot bring them back. Finally, when vast part of the planet becomes practically uninhabitable for vertebrate life – no money can ever fix that. This is where you're headed. The warning of that has been issued already hundreds of years ago, when the Native Americans first encountered the Europeans and saw what they do in their monstrous, insatiable greed. Even then, they could already see how this utter exploitation of the Earth is going to end – and yet to no avail even now, when science is alarming from all directions (at least the part of it that is still not bought and sold by greedy corporations). Humanity knows that it is destroying the world – its one and only Home – and yet keeps going all the same. To a great extent this goes on because the majority of humans do not realize how far they have already gone and that they must stop immediately. To a great extent they don't realize that because they keep dwelling on the devastating illusion that when things go bad, we can just pour some money on it and it will be magically fixed. No. It won't. Far too many things are beyond repair already. Life itself cannot be healed, all those living beings murdered and driven to extinction cannot be brought back by money. You have to think and understand this – at this point it is either thinking now and acting now – or tomorrow it will be too late already.
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Best FriendYou are my best friend.I love you and I know you love me because you jump around like crazy every time you see me. I love you because you are loyal, you are always there for me, and you are so joyful that you can lighten my day no matter what. You are always ready to play with me, but you won't bother me when I am not in the mood. You worship me, I am the purpose of your life, and that's lovely.I feed you and give you home, therefore I own you because I take care of you. I decide everything for you because you cannot decide for yourself. But you are always happy with what I give you because your mind is simple and enjoys the little things.You are a great friend to my family too, because you always entertain us and bring joy in our home. My kids love you and you love them because they play with you so much. You are a great way for me to teach them to take care of another person and to love someone different.Sometimes we go out, as best friends. I put a collar and leash on you because you are my friend and so I must control where you go and what you do at any time. In some places I have to put a muzzle on your face too, because your people are known to be unpredictable and attack others for no apparent reason. But I love you, despite your inborn flaws.Friendship with you is great thing, and it's a true friendship because you are fiercely loyal to me. Even if we cannot talk because you can't speak my language. You have a language of your own, but unlike mine, yours is not a real one because I don't understand it. This sometimes makes things a bit difficult. But I know you understand at least something because you do as I say. Other people have friends who are clearly very stupid because they don't do what they are told. You always do what you are told, which makes you very smart.Friendship with you is very rewarding because you always do exactly as I say, because that's what a best friend is supposed to do. I make you do silly things to entertain me and you are happy because I give you candy in return. This is because you are smart enough, even if you are not as smart as my friends of my own kind. Still, you can be pretty fun to be around because you just worship me so much and are always trying to please me. Wits are not everything in a friendship.Our friendship has always been like that. You live because of me and for me, and I can control every aspect of your life. This is because I am smarter and I am a real person. Your personality is expressed by your ability to obey and serve me, because I own you.This is how friendship works.We are best friends.
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Canadians have a somber Canada Day for July 1 after the revelation of unmarked indigenous childrens' 215 and 182 graves in BC, 751 in Saskatchewan and counting. Canada has admitted to mandating a campaign of genocide. Cultural genocide is still genocide. It doesn't paint a pretty picture for Canada who is stereotypically portrayed as all happy go lucky with all that maple syrup. And three days after Canada Day, Americans celebrate their independence from British rule. It wasn't a happy story for the peoples who have already lived on the continent for the past 10s of thousands of years prior to European settlement and colonialism.
It even got the American government looking inward at their own in history of indigenous genocide.
These sad developments didn't just occur in Canada and the USA but Australia too.
They say New Zealand fare a little better.
Residential/boarding schools and other assimilation progroms by the over-arching settler community has been an abysmall and dismal failure. It has created and perpetuated the steretypes of alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual exploitation, suicides and other societal ills that have afflicted a marginalized community. Restitution and reconciliation has got to be more than some token apology from the settler governments.
A continual revival of indigenous languages, beliefs, dances, songs, mythologies and all other native cultural practices are called for. A use of public monies is expected. If taxes were used to promote genocide in the past, then tax dollars ought to be used to correct and rollback the evils that the very same government implemented in the past. And who cares about some racist trailer trash settler complaining about his tax dollars being used to revive a so-called "dead" or "dying" language. He's no different than those Nazi's who tried exterminate the Jews. Remember, Hebrew was once a "dead" language. The settler trash can express his opinion in a free country, but he also needs to expect there to be a passionately driven reply back whether they're are words or gestures.
Western Canada’s new war in the woods has heated up with an attack by angry forestry workers on peaceful protesters on May 4, 2021. The forestry workers worked for another logging company, West Forest Prodcuts, and not Teal Jones who has the license to strip away Fairy Creek’s old growth forest. The land defenders are a part of the greater Fairy Creek blockade. The angry folk hurled racial slurs and even attacked an indigenous youth. These forestry workers are not helping the public image of their corporate bosses in the industry. One has to be flabergasted at anyone who justifies these chump’s belligerence. Someone might not agree with violence, but they’ll claim these guys’ “livelihoods” were being threatened, they have nowhere else to turn economically, why else would they act aggressively. Whoa! Are these people for real? One wonders how long have they had their heads stuck in the sand. Those types of forestry workers are a classic example of chumps who are held hostage by Corporate Stockholm Syndrome. A malady afflicting workers such as in resource, trades or even manufaturing sector folk who feel beholden to serve and obey their corporate overlords. They are “job” creators. They help us keep a roof over our heads. We should really appreciate them. Seriously? Corporate heads don’t care about their workers! Forestry corporations such as West Fraser make huge profits! Does the lower echelon proletariats get a fair share? Probably not, those are the follies of believing in trickle-down economics. Can’t these chumps understand that ecoforestry is a much better management tool to sustainably harvest the secondary growth forests while preserving the old growth? There are better ways than the scorched earth protocols they’ve been following for decades. Russia knows better: Canada is still vulnerable to US market decisions: For those who state native peoples support the logging and want economic progress. Government keeps these communities divided and resource dependent with few options to diversify their economy. There is no unanimous decision among them to extract and exploit the trees on their land that are sacred to them and their ancestors. A colonial system still exists, where their government approved “chiefs” receive royalties while the rest of the community gets nothing. Here’s a link to a legal document that puts a gag order on the Pacheedaht nations leaders from voicing their concers over logging old growth: The protesters are still coming and won’t leave! They are in solidarity with the First Peoples of the land! So Canada’s RCMP doesn’t investigate the assault on native land defenders, but instead they start sending convoys to enforce an injunction against the protesters. A complete waste of taxpayers’ dollars. The injunction was a flawed decision, because the Teal-Jones provided falsified information to fool the judge that they suffered “irreparable harm” from the blockade. Links articles about to the Fairy Creek blockade: Tzeporah Berman was there at Clayoquot nearly 30 years ago when she helped lead those protests. And she's at Fairy Creek to repeat her mission again! RCMP makes Canada look like a police state. Remember APEC 1997? Just one link to many where the protests don’t just occur at Fairy Creek! This is province wide! If only there wasn’t this pandemic lockdown, they’d get their allies from Washington state to lend their support! It’s time for a change! BC’s current forestry management regimes aren’t working and doing its job! Petitions and funds requests: No matter where we live. We need these ancient forests! It is unfortunate that pandemic restrictions have prevented us from going out to the Fairy Creek watershed in Canada’s Vancouver Island to show our support. It’s no less important for Clayoquot nearly 30 year ago. It speaks for all of BC’s remaining old growth forests. It speaks for forests everywhere! We’ll always throw our hat in support of native peoples rights and natural ecosystems. An excuse to prop up a consumerist and materialistic lifestyle by liquidating the remaining wilderness we have left is reprehensible, shameful and asinine.
(Originally submitted May 23, 2021)
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