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@DrawinglyWillingly is an artist based in Mexico, who has been scamming, manipulating minors and harassing other Buyers and Artists since 2015 under many different aliases such as Prisma-neko, pararipi and are current active account. They have a multitude of PSAs/Buyers Bewares and personal drama boards online talking about her. Just google her name with any of the search terms of just check the Forum on Toyhouse yourself. If you want more resources to this "DRAMA" I more to glad to redirect you to my three Journals that are currently up.

Right now she is trying to harass anyone who I had contact with and is sending 15 year olds to my posts spamming the shit out with her freakin callout posts that are highly inaccurate, lack proof, are chronological messed up and do not take focus on any laws I might have violated. I didn't violated any laws in fact, since I am a laws student and know my profession well enough to give a flying fuck about someone petty enough to have the need to rely on the help of emotional easily exploitable people or minors to accomplish their shit agenda on DeviantArt.

She is now crying about that she got a legit DMCA claim that went through with the STAFF of DeviantArt, because she is claiming that she has the copyrights to that character, which is false, since I have hundreds of concept arts in physical and dated form stored in my folders as well as one digital PSD. data. Those are all characters I created when I was 14 years old and was going through a hard time and I cannot believe that an artist is now trying to commercialize my works that they do not own.

Maybe she will eventually grow up herself, once she received a cease and dentist letter from my families lawyer I contacted a few days ago, to laugh in rapture about how insane some people are to believe that the laws do not apply online. Hey, just because you are online it does not mean that you are superman and invincible. But hey here is a list of all the crimes numbered that you have committed by now (Yes in german, because I am residing in this country):

Verleumdung (

Übele Nachrede (§ 186 Strafgesetzbuch - STGB )

Beleidigung ( sehe §186 und §187 stob)




DSVGO Verstöße - sehe hierzu Verletzung von Datenschutzrechten - ist ein recht dickes Buch

By the way - Anyone can make a gmail and spam you so that's not prove at all. You don't know my IP address or anything. And the person in the screencap is @kit-nightwalker if someone is interested. So /shrug I don't care what for junk you post on the internet it doesn't affects my Reallife unless someone wants to call my dean and tell me that the person who studies at their university is some mentally deranged woman.

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Comic Artist Moebius (Jean Giraud)
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Cloud Atlas, Star Wars, Leben des 100 jährigen, Men in Black
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Anything with Comedy
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Beatles, Metallica,
Favourite Books
Timm Thaler, Titenherz, Lindbergh
Favourite Writers
Göthe, Astrid Lindgren
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Spyro, Final Fantasy IX, Granblue Fantasy, Yokai Watch, Pokemon
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Cuddling with my Cat

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