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HAVEN'T READ THE WHOLE FIC YET. I know there's probably no need to say it but just incase, NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS PLEASE.


Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned that you can never have too many layers when creating a piece of digital artwork. And I also learned that the first thing you do when starting on such a piece is create a new layer, and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DRAW ON THE DEFAULT BACKGROUND LAYER. EVER.

Your faithful anonymous art student.


Well, I finally finished my first ever piece of digital fan art with my tablet!

The colours could have been a buck load better, but I forgot to do something very important, which as mentioned before, was to NOT draw on the default background layer. It was far too late by the time I had realised, so I just rolled with it, and it honestly did not turn out as bad as I thought it would. I think the last-minute shading I decided on saved it certain ugliness.

Overall very pleased with this :D
As for the mistake(s) I made, well they are to learn from.
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You know, if it's meant to be fired by Earth Ponies, the scope should be in front of the eye when holding it in the mouth =p