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The Seventh Element

Derpy Hooves is the Element of Innocence.

She is childlike in some ways… she is simple… she wears her heart on her sleeve. She would never judge another because she knows how it feels to be judged. She is happy and possesses an indomitable spirit… she is beautiful.

She is the embodiment of what i love about MLP:FiM.

- - -

Took forever to finish this, but i am fairly pleased with it. There are things i wish i could do differently, but i have to be content with my efforts. The art is weird. Cartoons in weird half-light photo-textured dream worlds shat out of dismantled realism.
It is what it is.

As usual, this is graphite and ink on bristol that i coloured digitally.

I wanted to make a tribute to Derpy, and i think this will be adequate. Her elegance is a humble kind of grace.
EDIT: Uploaded a bigger version.
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