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Slippery When Wet

Aaaand Vaporeon!
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Randochi's avatar
This is very intricate and beautiful.  I love the subtle use of lace.
EverfreeSparkle's avatar
I do wonder why some things are censored on deviant art, but others are not? What is the deal wiith this?
ecmajor's avatar
No idea... this is marked as mature though, so beyond that it's out of my hands! :o
SpaceFeind's avatar
very nice. what program do you use?
ecmajor's avatar
Photoshop CS3
sonar-doll's avatar
wow these are lovely ;w; you should do all of em, i'd just love to se Espeon and Umbreon . Omg Sylveon...
MisterKaos's avatar
Dayum!  She got a plug and everything!

INB4 Punkrock
YourAntagon1st's avatar
Simply marvelous Vaporean work here.
ZekromLullaby's avatar
Why your designs are always so good?
The jewels, the clothes, and the makeup... all complements so nice.
Winged-Stone's avatar
Funny. Before I even saw the title, that was my exact thought. Good job.
Not sure how I feel about tail piercings though...
Srelio's avatar
This is incredible.  Especially the eyes, I feel like they are staring into my soul.  Well done, you are amazing!
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