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The Shameless


Meeting Eleanor for the first time coming from France to here was just phenomenal and I still can't wrap my brain around it... I could only dream of what its like to be there... but I digress...

Now the meaning of this photo
Meeting her and the personality she had inspired me to create this.. So in saying this here we go: "The Shameless" is supposed to represent a woman that is not afraid to be who she is around anyone. No one shakes this person into being someone shes not. The colors around the eye are symbolic for her personality pouring out of her eyes on to her face. So no shes not crying lol! Its her inner beauty bringing color to what average people see which are normal dull normal colors that everyone has. Her personality is Vibrant, Saturated with warmth and just fun.

ALSO Super happy this was the first model (Other than myself) that I have used my new SOFT BOXES ON!! So exciting and the shots came out fantastically!

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Amazing Creation... eyes, colors...

...everything is just perfect !!!

Thumbs Up !!!  :)
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wow great, i love this eyebrow
EclipxPhotography's avatar
Thank you so much and I will tell her you said so.
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your welcomeNod
really?thanks a lotI am a dummy! 
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I thought it was Cara Delevigne had to take a second look! So pretty!
EclipxPhotography's avatar
Yeah I've been getting that alot but I'm sure she wouldn't mind hearing that again. =)
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Oh thank you so much!
That means alot to me!
This is soo awesome
Blue-Radiance's avatar
The model looks so much like Cara Delevigne!! Great shot :)
EclipxPhotography's avatar
I would have to completely agree with you!!
Thank you =)
seba6priest's avatar
Cara Delevingne???, fantastically beautiful

very nice.
EclipxPhotography's avatar
I wish haha!
But shes just as beautiful!

And thank you sooo much
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Breathtaking art!
EclipxPhotography's avatar
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Thought that was Cara Delevingne for a second...
EclipxPhotography's avatar
Haha! I told her you said that!
She loved it!
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Reading the description I think it came out perfectly.
EclipxPhotography's avatar
Thank you so much dude...
You are awesome.
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