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The Eve

Happy Belated Halloween
Love :o (Eek) :happybounce: 

This was a photo I meant to post a while back but held back from doing so because I wasn't sure how in love with it I was... And people if you know me you should know I can't make a choice unless I'm madly in love with whatever I'm trying to decide.

This photo has a more powerful meaning than just appearing like a vampire in pursuit. Its meaning is to take control of your own life and make choices that are difficult. "The Eve" is symbolic for a snap in maturity and realizing that sometimes waiting too long can be the biggest mistake in your life. So in calling it "The Eve" I'm saying through this photo to you a Day ending = A person changing.

I know its bloody and its not for some people and that's okay. But I hope that my point is made clear enough

People Of the World
The Predator by EclipxPhotography The Shameless by EclipxPhotography The Nymph by EclipxPhotography The Deprived by EclipxPhotography The Loner by EclipxPhotography

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Superb quality. Nice work!
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*turning notebook 90° to the left ;) (Wink) 
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Well the reason I turned it to the side is all the lines in this shot looked alot better and much more even when I turned it this direction...
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Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful piece and I like it! :) (Smile) 
The thing is, I am working with Photoshop for over ten years now and I've developed 'an eye' for everything that is not natural
(against physics for example, like the single hair on the bottom going left and up). It's a blessing and a curse :o (Eek)

Do you know the feeling when u spot an imperfection in your work noone else will ever notice and you spend hours fixing it? Stare 
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Well yes I do =)
Um.. originally this image was faced up side up and it made more sense with the hair...
But I do see what you mean.

But I think I'll just keep it that way because I kinda like it even if its unnatural.
That's what this series of photo's is about =)
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Nah, that's not what I tried to say. Don't change your work only because some random dude spots an imperfection.
At the end of the day it is you who needs to be satisfied with your work, not the viewer.

Ever considered portraiting poeple with your style (lights head on, ect.) but in unusual portait positions, like some lying?
Only if it fits a theme of course
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I think everyone's opinion is important and I'm glad that you took time to tell me what you thought =)
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Thank you, my pleasure! =)
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Such a fine piece!! :)
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This is so beautiful! I love all of your portraits. The quality is amazing and the post-processing is magnificent. I really love dark/bloody portraits so this is stunning to me. Great work. You are improving so fast and keep getting better and better all the time! :heart:
EclipxPhotography's avatar
Oh my gosh..
You don't know how much it means to me when people say stuff like this to me..
I'm trying to think of new ways to get better and I think I'm starting to figure out my niche..
Thank you so much!
magic-spelldust's avatar
You are so very welcome! :hug:
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