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Winter Shade and Fizzy: An Apple For The Teacher by EcliptorCalrissian Winter Shade and Fizzy: An Apple For The Teacher by EcliptorCalrissian

Winter Shade: …and, that's all for today. [grins evilly] Be sure you study up, because next time, you'll try it blindfolded.

[groans and mutters as kids leave, all but one]

Fizzy: Miss Shade! Miss Shade! Look what I can do!

Winter Shade: Good afternoon, Fizzy. Been practicing?

Fizzy: Watch this! It took me a really long time to get it right, but… just watch! [Fizzy casts her bubble spell, letting her rise into the air.] Look, I can fly just like you!

Winter Shade: That's great... but be careful.

Fizzy: When I try to move stuff the normal way, it's really hard, but… [she stops talking because she has to concentrate now. Her saddle bag opens, and an apple rises out. Already they're starting to wobble, but she quickly tosses two bubbles, one for the bag and one for the apple. The bags float around at random, but with a lot of straining and grunting, she's able to coax the apple over towards her teacher.] An apple for the teacher! Mommy says they used to give the teachers apples but nobody knows why! Do you like it?

Winter Shade: I love it, sweetie. [Fizzy can't tell that she's closely examining the energy of the bubble. She can tell that the amount of power going into it is more constant than it was last time. However, her grip on it needs work.] You're improving a lot! But, I'm not sure it's safe for you up there. Can you come down? 

Fizzy: Taste the apple first! You can reach right in, it won't even pop!

Winter Shade: Really? That would be hard even for a grownup. [She leans over, and tries to bite the apple. The bubble bounces off her muzzle and floats around the room.]

Fizzy: What?! Why didn't it work?! I made it just right! Try it again! [She tries to bring the bubble with the apple back over, but now doesn't have the concentration to control the movement, it's soon lost to the 'winds' of ambient magical energy.] No, no, come back! [Soon, she's kicking and twisting within her own bubble, trying to move toward it. This makes her own bubble start to fly around as crazily as the other.]

Winter Shade: Hold still, or you'll--!

Fizzy: Aaaaaah! [Once the bubble she's in drifts to the ceiling, it pops. She screams as she falls… and lands right on Winter Shade, who had gotten beneath her just in time.] Oof!

Winter Shade: Don't worry, Fizzy. I gotcha. Easy does it. [Then she lies down so Fizzy can easily climb off of her back.]

Fizzy: I should have known. I'm sorry. [Voice is starting to break]

Winter Shade: You should be proud of yourself. Your control has improved, and I'm really glad to see you trying more ambitious uses of your magic.

Fizzy: But I practiced that over and over! I should have it by now! I can't even move things like unicorns have my age can. Why do you even waste your time with me?

Winter Shade: Ah-ah! Remember, what did I say rule number one was?

Fizzy: …no kicking myself?

Winter Shade: No kicking yourself. [gives her a nuzzle] I won't lie to you, you're going to have to work longer and harder to master your abilities than a few others might, and there's going to be a lot of trial and error until we find the right methods. And I know that's frustrating, and you've probably been told a lot of unkind things by other ponies; teachers and family included.

Fizzy: Yeah, but…

Winter Shade: What others say to you can easily be a lie, but what you say to yourself becomes truth before long. The more you say about you what they say about you - yes, that's ungrammatical - the harder it is get yourself to keep trying, and that will hold you back more than anything. Never forget rule number one. You asked me why I spend extra time with you after school every day. The answer is, because I can tell how far you'll go if someone just gives you a chance. I'm honored to be part of helping you get there. But we've only been doing this a week. You'll have to be patient with yourself.

Fizzy: I still think you're gonna change your mind before long.

Winter Shade: [giggles] Nope! Sorry, you're stuck with me. So, let's try it again.

Fizzy: I'm not gonna be blindfolded, am I?

Winter Shade: Of course not! …until tomorrow.

Fizzy: Aw, ponyfeathers! 

Winter Shade: Watch your language… and try it again.


A little snippet from my near-future-verse. It's about 25-30 years after the show's setting. It's one of the scenes from this, but it took the most doing and I had dialog for it.

Winter Shade, the daughter of Nyx and Snowdrop (time travel and genderswapping was involved) is my main character for this universe. Childhood here, adulthood here, but it's not a quick read. The short version is, she's one of few non-unicorn teachers at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. She can't cast spells, but a pegasus has magic-based elemental senses to help with weatherworking, and being the daughter of an aspect of Princess Luna and the weather prodigy who invented the modern snowflake as a child, Winter's magic is very strong. This means the magical energies at work are quite plain to her, making her perfect for observing a young unicorn's technique. Outside her day job, her senses lead her into far stranger territory. Unseen by mortal eyes, there are forces and creatures you don't know are there, and that's why you can sleep at night. She sees them, and understands them. Because of those senses, and the work both mundane and supernatural that they allow her to do, her cutie mark is an eye. Ironic, because her actual eyes take after Mama Snowdrop; she, too, was born blind. Her senses allow her to tell where things are from their energy, which makes getting around a lot easier, but when it comes to solid matter, it's not 100% precise and her range is kind of short. However, getting under Fizzy's giant magic bubble in time to catch her is perfectly easy.

Fizzy is based on the G1 character, who is the Derpy/Minty of the original series. While magically gifted, she doesn't learn quite the same way others do. Even basic levitation of small objects is still harder for her than for younger fillies, but with her bubbles, she can move things that are too big or heavy for normal unicorn telekinesis, when she can get it to work. Bringing out her full potential is a longer and harder process for her than for most, especially when Fizzy thinks of herself as a useless idiot. Others sell her short too; there are others who think she's too stupid to learn, including other teachers; even if they won't say it out loud, they don't consider extra effort to help her to be something that could pay off. And as frustration eats away at her willingness to keep trying, she also gets accused of being just plain lazy. Winter takes a special interest in her, spending time with her after school to help her. Winter Shade's own situation as a child was quite different, but she does know what it is to have to struggle where others have it easy. She also knows the potential is there, but that making her read the same books as everyone else and scolding her for not getting it right yet again isn't going to help her any more than it has when others did it to her in the past. What Fizzy needs most is for someone to believe in her, and to help her stop being so hard on herself. Someday, we'll be talking Shining Armor-level force fields with all the mobility of basic telekinesis, which can be made as strong as wrecking balls or something you can easily reach in and take an item out of. But that's a long way off.

Ponies: Generalzoi's infamous pony creator.
Classroom: About half of…
Fizzy's cutie mark:…
Fizzy's bags:…

My Little Pony and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Rich people who ain't me. (Or Minty would be in FIM.)

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