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Winter Shade, all grown up! by EcliptorCalrissian Winter Shade, all grown up! by EcliptorCalrissian

I put a ridiculous amount of thought into this character. More on her as a filly here.

This OC is what you get when I jump onto the Nyx/Snowdrop bandwagon. How do they meet? How do they have a kid? Because magic. :p (The short version: time traveling adventure brought them together; much later, when they decided they wanted to have a child, a gender-swapping spell was used on one of them.)

It started with seeing Nyxdrop kids and one having funny eyes (most of 'em seem to, but the first I ever saw was by CreativeNyx.) and I figured that such a child might be blind but use magic to see stuff, and maybe it'd show 'em a little too much. From there… it's like more and more just kept writing itself in my head until I had this pony's whole life planned out and she definitely wasn't the any of the others. I remember someone once saying that they felt like they weren't their characters' writer, but their biographer. I get it with her; I feel like I didn't make Winter Shade so much as the whole thing keeps writing itself in my head. I wish my brain had worked like this when it came to schoolwork when I was younger. I'd try to do other things while my work did itself on autopilot and it was just a matter of writing it down. Ah, well.

However, to make a story you need more than one person's timeline, so I'm not quite ready to start writing her. But I want someone who isn't me to know her and the little corner of the fan-verse she and her friends live in, and I decided that the bios of her and her crew are more fun if I make scenes of little moments in their lives.

You can tell the order in which I made 'em by whether or not I bothered putting in shadows; it occurred to me a bit late in the game. [facehoofs at self]

The scenes: 

1: At a theater known for strange incidents, Winter Shade uses her special senses to look for things that go bump in the night. Masquerade awaits her findings with bated breath, and feels like something might pop out and eat her at any moment. Winter Shade's personality doesn't make her feel any safer.

2: As their careers took them in different directions, she and Apple Spice haven't seen each other in some time. As she runs excitedly to greet her friend, she is less able to keep track of what's on the rough, uneven ground beneath them. Result: THUD. It doesn't happen that often anymore but if she isn't careful, she can still pick up a cut or bruise or two. Apple Spice runs to see if she's okay, but as she always does when something like that happens, Winter laughs it off and won't let anyone worry too much.

3: Winter Shade and Bright Eyes' first meeting. Why is she walking on her front hooves and using her wings to balance? The world may never know. (As a Power Rangers fan, I like to think she might know an eccentric green unicorn who has a headstand thinking pose as well as a love of buttery toast…) Bright Eyes doesn't know what to make of her.

4: Apple Spice, Bright Eyes, and Masquerade do a classic everyone-peeks-around-the-corner bit. Winter Shade just casually walks around the corner. Is it because her knowledge and experience make this not scary for her, or is it because looking around a corner does little for a blind mare, so she must go closer to a source of danger to know if there really is one? …yes, it's definitely one of those. Apple Spice is naturally the least freaked out.

5: When they were kids, Apple Spice once wanted Winter Shade to carry her so she could see what flying was like. It didn't go so well, but now she's older, stronger, and better at not flying into trees. Apple Spice, though smaller than Winter Shade, is made of muscle and still much heavier than Winter Shade can carry for any length of time, but Winter wants to give it a try, if just because it's so rare that she can surprise her still-fearless friend. 

6: Fizzy gives her favorite teacher an apple in her own way! A moment later, she discovers she won't have such an easy time getting down.

Winter Shade's bio:

Again, from early childhood to CMC age is covered here. The short version is, she's blind, but being Nyx's daughter gives you powerful magic, and being Snowdrop's daughter means you have a serious connection to the elements (hey, Snowy invented the snowflake as a child. That's serious weatherworking skills.) As a pegasus, having powerful magic means less "zap stuff" and more "the magic-based senses that lets a pegasus know what s/he is doing when working with the elements is so powerful in her that she can detect the energy of things." Magic senses can make getting around when you're blind easier, but they sometimes show you more than you wanted. To cope with what she sees, she's had to make herself an expert in creatures and forms of magic that play according to a different set of rules than what your average pony is slinging around (and can be used by someone without a horn.) 

Having to learn everything it took to deal with what she was sensing shaped a lot of her life. So, what's next for her now that she's all grown up?

It's easy for the daughter of a potentially god-tier character like Nyx (and Snowdrop, who again, has more power than in seems if you think on it) to become a Mary Sue, so there are some rules that will never, ever be broken in the name of keeping her a mere mortal who's worthy to stand on the stage but doesn't steal the show. As long as she lives, she will never be capable of:

1: Using magic directly like a unicorn.

2: Going up against anybody like Tirek on her own. Such things are best left to the Mane Six, still.

3: Extending her range to the point of sensing what's going on across the street.

4: Exceeding the limits of her fine-tune sensing mentioned in the post covering her younger days (she'll get better in terms of not needing total, absolute concentration to not walk into walls. Fine-tuning will always be a problem; telling the individual items on a cluttered desk apart, telling what you're wearing, which way you're facing, etc. ain't happening. She'll never be the one to ask what your mane looks like.)

5: Not blushing as red as a tomato when someone mentions how she wet the bed until she was high school age. 

As a young child she lived in a constant state of terror from the otherworldly creatures she alone was aware of. Imagine if the monsters under the bed were real, and to you they looked like the monsters from Evangelion, and they were definitely aware of you and that you knew of them. Long story short - it's not that bad, it just seems that way if you have no way of understanding what you're seeing. Well, naturally, getting to understand what you're seeing, and what to do about it, was priority one in her life. As an older child and teen, even though she knew not everything was a horror out to get her, she was still dealing with so much and lived in such a different world from others that she was pretty much a shut-in. Like Twilight, magic and studies were her life and other ponies were often something she just forgot to think about. (Fortunately, she had a friend - Apple Spice, the energetic, adventurous daughter of Big Mac and Zecora - who'd never let her be as much of a shut-in as her natural tendencies would have left her. More on her here.)

But that was a long time ago. As Winter Shade became older and better capable of separating the two worlds she lives in, she began to try some of the things she missed out on. As such, she's more playful and friendly and outgoing as an adult, and generally a happier pony. In fact, she's quite childlike because of how much of the world is new to her; she lives in two worlds and of necessity, the one we can't see took first priority. That means the world we can see is the kind of new adventure to her that it was to the rest of us when we were much, much younger. 

However, she's someone who finds the world an adventure… but hasn't quite learned how to live in it smoothly. She's more than a bit awkward. She giggles a lot, she rambles a lot, she isn't above hopping up and down when excited (and she gets excited much more easily than most.) She says out loud a lot of things that would be internal dialog for most of us. She can also be quite scatterbrained when it's not something she's worked to make herself especially good at. When everything in the world is a new adventure, which one thing can hold your attention? She's great everything she's worked to make herself an expert in. In everything else, she can be like someone with ADHD. She is often hard on herself, feeling that someone as smart as she is in other areas should be able to get right the things she gets wrong. Getting nervous about that last "dumb" thing she said or did means making more mistakes… it's a vicious cycle. But it's not enough to bring her down for long.

Apple Spice wonders when Winter Shade became the crazy one between the two of them, but is glad she's happier than she was as a child. Winter Shade only seemed to put away that ten-going-on-a-hundred look when playing with her (or facehoofing at her) but it always came right back; now the weight of the world seems off her shoulders.

When she knew nothing about what she saw, she was terrified by it, but now? All the knowledge she's gained combined with her sensing abilities mean that when there's something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? …yes, the crazy blind mare who acts like a school filly. (Oh, and adult Winter would quite happily answer to that description.) She is quite sought after and she sometimes travels to faraway places for magic troubleshooting.

Be warned: she won't always find what you think is there. That thing you want to be your dead relative watching over you could be the equivalent of a raccoon that lives half-outside this dimension so it's felt more than seen, and it likes the room where your relative slept because it's where the neutrinos are tastiest. Even the news not being as bad as you thought isn't always welcome; what she was relieved to learn as a child - that it's pretty much never as bad as Spirit Godzilla standing over you waiting to stomp on your life - is the last thing someone who needed for Spirit Godzilla to be responsible for their problems and for Winter Shade to get rid of him and make everything all better wants to hear. She's been offered enough money to buy all of Canterlot, and had her life threatened, but still had to say "I'm sorry, I went over your house ten times and pushed my senses to the maximum, and it's just. Not. There." But she can follow it up with "however, if you want me to make some protective talismans, I'll need wood, styrofoam, and a green pegasus's feather."

Even so, she becomes increasingly reluctant to take on such jobs as time goes on. Once she ends up with a day job, you'd better have decent evidence (she knows what real signs of activity look like) and not be someone looking for an exorcist to cast out the demons making your kid not want to do his homework or something in order to get her to travel across the country and go poke around. When you come to her, don't talk about how much money you have, talk about why you think you're dealing with nonstandard magic or Spirit Godzilla. (And for the love of Celestia, say "nonstandard magic" and not "Spirit Godzilla" when you do.)

Her true calling? Teaching. With all she's learned, her desire to share it leads to her becoming a teacher at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns - yes, there are non-unicorns on the staff. Not many. Some parents aren't so sure about her, but her students love her. A few try to get away with things because she's blind, but your energy changes when you lie. As such… good luck! 

Winter Shade also meets her eventual husband at this time. Fellow teacher Bright Eyes is a unicorn like most of the staff. He's impressed by her knowledge, resourcefulness, and inventiveness, and is intrigued by her personality. They're like Lyra and Bon Bon often are written: He finds her crazy in a good way. 

Since becoming much more selective about taking "ghostbusting" jobs, she's more and more likely to end up where there really is trouble. Apple Spice and Bright Eyes are often with her, and more than once, their friend Masquerade, a costume designer for Canterlot stage productions whom she met when investigating a theater (that turned out to be near-apocalyptic and the Mane Six had to show up.) has joined them. They're not the Mane Six, but this quartet can be pretty kick-flank when they need to be!

After teaching, her number one love is writing. Her moms read her some of Twilight Velvet's books when she was younger, and she was amazed that the talent behind them could be so close to home. Imagine if George Lucas was your grandfather and before they were world-famous franchises, Star Wars and Indiana Jones were your bedtime stories. Though Velvet writes adventure stories, Winter has always been a theater buff and her favorite were mysteries. Her own experiences led her to meet many interesting people and visit many exotic locations, so the cast and settings for her own mystery works were already made! However, a lot of writers like to draw from their own childhood fears to make things properly chilling, and hers were a doozy. So every once in a while she surprises her public by putting out some truly terrifying supernatural horror the likes of which the world had never seen. She is Equestria's HP Lovecraft. She also writes nonfiction about her Ghostbuster days, both the adventures and the way things really work; she wants to lay to rest the unreasoned fears some have. (Though actually, they come in the opposite order. It's during her traveling and investigating that she begins writing about what it's really like. It's afterwards that she decides to write fiction.)

When it comes to how well she 'sees' now that she's all grown up, practice has made her quite better at it. As a child, it took a nearly headache-inducing level of concentration to use it at all, but by now, practice makes not perfect but a whole lot more automatic. "There's a thing, focus on the thing, that's where the thing is, walk around the thing." is now easy enough that she doesn't consider it work, and it's a much faster process than it once was. As a child, keeping it 'on' to the point of knowing "there's a thing" the moment it entered her sensing range was tough; now it's always on.

She's still not Daredevil; her range hasn't gotten much better, and if she is quite emotional, or intensely focused on something else, her accuracy will drop. In other words, She can still get lost in an unfamiliar place where even knowing exactly where the nearby walls are isn't enough to find your way, and "There's a thing, try to focus on the thing, I think that's where the thing is, OW! Guess not." can still happen if her mind is significantly occupied. But walking through a crowd without bumping into anypony is now doable when calm. If she had to pick out who's who in that crowd, that'd take some time. If she had to point to each of 'em while naming them there'd be some mistakes.

I still cling to the limitations being a factor. If you make the disability a total non-issue, your character may as well not have it. Even Toph doesn't know where things are in the air, and has more trouble with what's on the ground the further removed she is from it or if the ground isn't solid. Even Geordi LaForge sees things as a mishmosh of signals he has to work to pick single things out of, and he's often in pain, and he's been in trouble when the visor was removed/damaged/bugged. Even Daredevil can't detect images on a screen. Like them, Winter Shade's workaround - energy senses in this case - also plays by rules that impose limits, and will never be so perfect that she ceases to be someone who faces some obstacles a sighted pony does not.

Bright Eyes' bio:

He's based on an MLP Tales character who was originally a girl. Hey, if the actual show makers can make Lickety-Split a boy…! (By the way, if anyone thinks I changed her to a 'him' because I can't stand the idea of two female characters together, I'll remind you again who Winter Shade's mothers are.)

His first meeting with Winter Shade is pretty much exactly the above picture. He finds her being her now-usual crazy self, and does what you never do when meeting someone under such circumstances: ask why she was walking on her front hooves and using her wings to balance. The explanation was long and rambly and involved the ambient energies in the room, the chemicals used in the science class earlier that day, and the chimicherrychanga she had with lunch. How could that not lead to more conversations, the occasional shared chimicherrychanga, him finding her fascinating, her being quite awkward around her first crush ever (yes, at her age!) shared adventures, and eventually, being happily married with three kids, the most daring one being the one who's blind just like Mommy?

I don't have his whole life planned from birth to about ten years after this point as with Winter Shade, but he's definitely more than just her love interest. Like all unicorns, in addition to levitating objects he's got a spell or two to go with his special talent. He can immediately understand and translate to and from any language he encounters. This is invaluable in his line of work; writings in long-extinct languages, previously impossible to translate accurately, are easy for him. In academic circles, he's a very big name, more accomplished than many scholars who are much older than him. He could retire on what he makes for those impossible-for-anyone-else translations, but continues teaching because he loves it. The only thing he loves more than acquiring knowledge is sharing it.

Needless to say, he and Twilight get along veeeeery well. She knows of his accomplishments and when she first met him, she let out a very un-princess-y squee. Not quite to the level as when she met Star Swirl during the same time travel shenanigans that conspired to put Snowdrop and Nyx in the same place, but still pretty big.

It's one thing to see writing on a paper and cast a spell that makes it clear to him, and quite another to truly master a language, but he's still better and faster at it that anyone else. He can go from never having encountered a language before to making native speakers say "what do you mean it's not his first language?" in under a year. He speaks a lot of them, some of which aren't in use anymore.

By the way, remember how young Apple Spice's page mentions a colt in school whose attention she tried to get but never could, but didn't quite get around to saying his name? Well… guess who he is. However, she was long over him by the time he and Winter Shade met as adults.

His parents, Canterlot elite and not the good kind, are not nearly as understanding as their son. When he introduces her to them, their attitude is basically "Are you serious? You can do better than her, she's defective." In the end, this is harder on his relationship with his family than her relationship with him. She doesn't feel too good about getting between him and his family. Will they eventually accept that their son has chosen who he wants to be with and that insulting her will only push him away from them? 

Well, that's up to them, isn't it?

I don't have their names yet. They won't be based on existing characters, even toy-only ones, because everyone's someone's favorite and nobody wants to see their favorite being a jerk to their son, especially if it's about his girlfriend being blind.

I also don't have much on the kids, and that's deliberate. I want to write with the characters I have, and it would be so easy to get lost in making the kids instead. Quite deliberately, all I have on them right now is that there are two unicorns and one pegasus. One of the two unicorns is blind. The "present day" of this universe is in the early days of Winter Shade and Bright Eyes' relationship; the kids are several years away. 

I don't know if anyone thinks one of the kids being blind too is a little bit much. My reasoning is fairly simple: If Snowdrop's daughter can inherit her blindness, then obviously, it's a genetic defect that is handed down. As such, at every generation, this family has more than the usual share of blind ponies. However, that also means this family knows what to do for a foal who turns out to be blind. So, no sweat.

Grown-up Apple Spice's bio

Young Apple Spice is here.

The short version on what's covered there: she's based on a prominent G3 background pony. She's the daughter of Big Macintosh and Zecora. She's also fearless and adventurous, sometimes too much for her own good. Mix all three CMC into one. The chipped ear is just one remnant of a time she was seriously injured by her antics; she's got a few nasty scars. She has picked up both her parents' speaking habits to a small degree - you'll hear the odd "yup," "nope," or accidental rhyme. She combines her mom's magic knowledge and her dad's farming knowledge to be an expert in using potions and charms and such in tending to crops and livestock (and by extension other plants and animals) - things you don't have to be a unicorn to use. So, what's next for her? 

When it comes to her older appearance, it doesn't show here because she's not with anyone standing flatfooted, but she's noticeably shorter and thicker than the others. It's a lot of muscle packed into less space. Though definitely an adult when compared to fillies, you might mistake her for being younger than Winter Shade, Bright Eyes, and Masquerade when they're all together. While she's the least traditionally feminine of the girls, she has no aversion to looking pretty, no need to reject everything that one might call "girly." She experiments with hair ornaments and different styles and the like. The bow you see here may or may not stick around.

She was strong before and has continued to get stronger. Part of it's her DNA - the Apples have no shortage of strength. Part of it is her knowledge and use of magic. The season four finale really spells it out for us: earth ponies are stronger, part of the package of magic abilities they have for tending the land, and it can be stolen by magic-stealing bad guys. From this we can assume that the strongest, with abilities that defy physics even by cartoon standards and can't be explained by muscle, are the most magical. Well, Apple Spice inherited the magic and the muscle that makes Big Macintosh so powerful, and the magical side of things is always being developed because of her learning and use of Zecora's magical techniques, and farm chores build muscle. In an earth pony, that's a recipe for another of those juggernaut ponies who powderizes boulders or doesn't notice the house you attached to them. She was impressively strong as a child, but by now, while she's got nothing on her dad and Maud Pie, she has a very good claim on being the third strongest pony you'll ever find.

Though her family doesn't use them, her farming techniques that incorporate zebra magic have been put to work elsewhere. She's figured out how to turn it into a serious amount of cash; her family knows a thing or two about business, after all. Living in a mansion and being waited on isn't her style, but she always has what she needs, and what she wants, and enough to give a decent sum to charity now and then. Also, she has the money to decide to pop in on her friends from Ponyville and spend a few days with them whenever she feels like. For pretty much anything she can think of to do, money won't be a barrier. Nobody's sure just how much she has because she isn't surrounded by finery, and never makes a big deal of it.

She still likes to play hard when she can. She knows Winter Shade only takes a "ghostbusting" job when she's pretty sure there's something to find, and often goes on those jobs with her. There's often something new to discover, and she loves that as much as she did when she was little, and it reminds her of the good old days when wandering the woods outside town with Winter Shade felt like pushing the boundaries of exploration. She's no more cautious than she ever was, but now that she's so strong, to say "I'm probably a lot tougher than whatever's out there" is no longer an overestimation of her abilities.

As for family, she's still "enjoying herself" and has no desire to "settle down" just yet. But never say never.

Winter Shade's my baby, but I'm actually starting to think think Apple Spice is the better character.

Fizzy's mini-bio, or, "Wait, Fizzy's a student at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns? Fizzy?! As in, the Fizzy?! Can you get more un-Twilight?"

I really don't have her whole life story. But yes, Fizzy is one of Winter Shade's students.

If you don't know who I'm talking about (shame on you) she's based on a G1 unicorn, and what's her special talent? Wait for it… bubbles!

That might seem like a lame power, but you'll know it's not if you watch. Fizzy got a great deal of use out of them. They were as big or as strong as she needed them to be and could take you into the sky or underwater. Fizzy's bubbles were the right tool for the job much more often than some of the flashier powers. 

If you have seen G1, you know her personality is similar to Derpy or Minty. And my Fizzy is mostly the same as the original in personality terms. That makes her endearing, you may say, but would she really be here with the best of the best? The answer is, yes: she was always gifted, but let's not forget that "gifted" is just a starting point, and much work is needed for the final result to be "best of the best." Fizzy's someone who just needs a good teacher - even better if it was one who would be patient with a student who needed extra help because she knows what it is to need extra help with some things herself (and to have airhead moments she keeps kicking herself about) - to enable her to reach her maximum potential. Would ponies like Fizzy be at Celestia's school? In fact, they're why such a school would exist. 

Winter Shade takes her under her wing to a greater degree than the other students. She knows that this one will need a little more work to fully draw out her potential, but that that potential is very high. Because of the time spent together, and Winter Shade believing in her when so many others did not, they'll be very good friends well after Fizzy's school days. Enough to make the adventuring quartet a quintet? Maybe when she's older.

and Masquerade?

Their first meeting's here. The short version is, she's a costume designer for Canterlot stage productions. She came in person to see Winter Shade and ask her help in putting a stop to the strange goings-on in a theater. As usual by this point, Winter Shade told her that she doesn't do that anymore and the overwhelming majority of the time there's nothing to find. However, Masky had read Winter Shade's books, pursued and ruled out the mundane explanations for what had been happening, and was able to convince Winter Shade that it was something she needed to check out. It doesn't hurt that Winter Shade is a theater buff, and has great respect for those who work behind the scenes, even on aspects like costuming that are lost on a blind pony. A hoofmade replica of the costume Whizzer wore when portraying the not-yet-General Firefly in "Captain Firefly: The First Wonderbolt" that just happens to be a perfect fit for Winter will get you reeeeal far with her.

Anyway, turns out the situation's bad. Real bad. "Get the element bearers and pray to Celestia they're enough" bad. Masquerade and Winter Shade wound up right in the thick of things. They remained friends after, and have shared a more adventures. 

So, what of the show characters in this universe?

Well, some time has passed. Winter Shade is the daughter of a character who is about the same age as the CMC, in physical terms. It'd be at least 10 years after the show's setting by the time Nyx has a daughter in the first place, and now that daughter is fully grown. So we're not talking Granny Smith age, but we're definitely not talking young ponies anymore. Again, don't have everything on everyone just yet. 

Twilight: She uses magic to keep her appearance aging, and to not get Celestia-size. When she uses her magic to its fullest, that means taking power away from the illusion of a middle-aged mortal pony. This means when she's getting ready to do something particularly awesome, it starts with the rather imposing sight of her changing from Twilight-plus-wings to a larger, grander figure. She's also getting more and more in the way of duties that affect all of Equestria and the world beyond, matters that Celestia or Luna would once have handled personally. Also, more than once, she's been the one to hold down the fort in Canterlot when the sisters were away. When it comes to family, she's still unmarried. If you ask her she'll say she already has a son and daughter - Spike and Nyx. She won't totally rule out the possibility of marriage, but in practice, pursuing a romance is something that she doesn't really think about.

Spike: Getting bigger and stronger, and growing in magical talent. He's the size of a large pony and that teleporting green flame thing he does is now strong enough that he can use it to travel between certain defined points at will. Unlike Twi, he can't just pop anywhere... but unlike Twi, that distance can be very long if the spell has been set up for that spot; he can send himself to Canterlot Castle just like he sends letters, and there are a few other places than Canterlot Castle that have been added to the list. Think of it less like Twilight's teleportations and more magical 'conduits' that only he can use. By now he considers Twi his mother and Nyx his sister. However, he is also on good terms with the dragon who laid his egg; there was a decent adventure in there somewhere. He's on first-name basis with her, though only Twilight is "Mom." Someday he'll be Equestria's ambassador to the land of the dragons, but in dragon terms he's still way too young for it. 

Rainbow Dash: By now, she's the leader of the Wonderbolts, handpicked and groomed to succeed Spitfire when she retired. She's legendary, and is ever ready to prove that some gray in her rainbow mane doesn't mean she can't still do a sonic rainboom! (Of course, she dyes it before a show. But only before a show. She's not ashamed of the fact that she's getting older. It means she's wiser, more experienced, and has a list of awesome feats that's much longer than it was when she was young.)

Scootaloo: She's just as legendary for her scooter stunts, and puts on mindblowing stunt shows even though she, too, isn't exactly a filly anymore. To get the most out of her shows, you'll have to watch them again at half speed to really appreciate her technique; the eye just can't follow it! As everyone, especially her big sister Rainbow Dash, predicted, she's reached the greatest heights even though she can't fly. However, after the birth of her son, she always takes extra and visible safety measures that she feels she doesn't actually need. She won't have her family fearing for her life, even if making the performance look more dangerous would impress fans. For them, spikes are out and nets are in. Scoots didn't start a family as early as Nyx and Snowdrop did, so her son is late high school age by now.

As for Nyx and Snowdrop:

Like I've said before, time travel was involved in their meeting, and a temporary gender-switching spell was involved in their having a child who is biologically both of theirs. 

Snowdrop: She was an adult when the time travel incident happened and chose to stay in the present in the end. She and Nyx became good friends during the crosstime adventure and came to love each other as she helped Snowdrop settle into a life in the present. She's a big shot in the Cloudsdale weather factories. She invented the modern snowflake as a child while imagining what a star might look like, which speaks of her being quite talented in that area. You can bet the Cloudsdale weather factories are in the best of hooves. No one knows she is that Snowdrop. If you met a guy named Alex who was a very big name at AT&T, would you assume he was a timelost Alexander Graham Bell, even if history knew nothing of Bell's later life? The truth is a secret only the Mane Six, Nyx, and the princesses know. And of course Winter Shade, eventually.

Nyx: [Spoilers for Pen Stroke's epic fanfic Past Sins, if you haven't read it yet.] Near the end of Past Sins, much of her power is returned to Princess Luna. She's no longer as powerful as Luna. However, she is an alicorn and was created from Luna. This means she's able to learn any spell instead of being bound by the "small range of powers according to your special talent" rule for unicorns, she has the physical and magical aspects of all three races, and she will forever continue to grow stronger. Give it at least a few centuries before she's someone you'd actually call a goddess, though. She researches new spells much like Twilight, maybe even more: considering how she came to be, the fact that she feels she needs to do something with all the power she's been granted, and who raised her, the inner workings of magic are a much bigger part of her life than they are for unicorns who just use it to open doors more easily. 

Credits: Hoo boy. I am still no artist. What did I make from scratch? The bubbles. Again, it's the characters and 'verse itself that I most wanted out there. As usual, there's more to all the backgrounds than the bits that I used.

Character origins:
Winter Shade: Mine.
Fizzy, Masquerade: G1.
Bright Eyes: MLP Tales.
Apple Spice: G3.
Nyx: Pen Stroke.
Snowdrop: Silly Filly Studios.

Generalzoi's pony creator, both versions.

Rocky path:…
Winter scene:…
Fizzy's bags:…

Cutie marks:
Apple Spice:…

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