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I know I'm a journal-holic. OH WELL.

Thank you everyone who said they hope that I feel better. :D It helped, I know. I'm feeling a lot better. I ate lunch at a local pizza place and had some good 'ol sweet tea and now I'm feeling a lot better. The tylonal helped too.

I would also like to tell everyone to go listen to The Devil Wears Prada. Hopefully you have already heard them, but if not GO! NOW.

Some of their great songs include:

..HTML Rulez D00d -www.youtube.com/watch?v=snbJ82…
..Hey John whats yoru name again? - www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufN6ol…
..Still Fly cover - www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fzE7w…

Note: They are a christain metalcore band. So if you have soft ears or prefer slower or softer music then don't even bother clicking the links.

Okay now I would also like to announce a project that me, verndewd, Kemaru, and possibly someone else (I already sent you a note.>. I'm not throwing out the name just yet.. but I will say that it is going to be a forum and its also going to include tech and graphic resources, tutorials, and general discussion.

So check my journal frequently for more info in the future!

======================About Me=====================

Hi everyone. My name is Wes, but you probably know me as FlagToss, Eclipticis, or tHs. I'm just going to stick to Ecliptics, it sounds better. :D

My main art is sig (or tag) making using the free program: Paint.net. (Download it here: www.getpaint.net) I own Photoshop CS2 and use it from time to time. I think that Paint.net has huge potential, even so to succeed Photoshop in later versions. Right now it lacks several features like pen pressure, burn and dodge tool, and a few others.

I live in Florida, USA. I love art, gaming, hanging with my friends (shoutout to you Josh! IJoramI) and just relaxing. Of you have any advice, please let know. I love learning new things. If you have any questions then just ask away, I'd love to answer!

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        I'll be featuring my favorite pieces of your work in the future, so check back!


-December 10th, 2008-

Alright so if you have been seeing my work over on the PdN forum then you have seen my style change drastically. While my old pieces involved a heavy amount of brushing, my recent work has been more of photo manipulation. My two recent Gears of War sigs are examples of this new style. Comment on them and tell me what ya think!

Note: My awesome icon was designed by urban-factory ! Pay him a visit!

-December 5th, 2008-

Just recently started editing my deviantART. I made this account back in September but I have gotten back into graphics.

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hey man keep doing the great work =D
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Thanks barbosa.
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welcome ecliptics =D