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The Future Is X-Rated ~ Chapter 13 ~ ZADR
Dib got a warm fuzzy feeling from the affectionate gesture and couldn’t help but smile. He turned back to the laptop and continued typing…
“It’s finally done!” Dib exclaimed, utterly exhausted. The story ended up being twelve pages long because of all the crazy stuff there was to write about. He printed out the story and put it in his backpack. “Now I can sleep…” Dib yawned and stumbled over to the bed. The alarm went off the moment Dib’s head hit the pillow. “Oh, fuck my life.”
The sleep deprived teen forced himself through his morning routine, occasionally slapping his own face in an effort to stay alert. He grabbed his backpack and went downstairs. Gaz was already in the kitchen. She took one glance at her brother and raised an eyebrow. “Wow, Dib. You look even more horrible than usual.” Dib ignored her and poured a glass of juice, too tired to feel hungry. Today was going to be a very long day.
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Im 17 years old, :iconjeffrhapedmeh: is an old account that i dont use much on it.. XD so yep..
Im a girl cx Lool I like to draw.. i like to write.. Find me on Wattpad and read mah books
Bi - stamp by Uzlo ^-^


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Im Backkkk Lol. Da Doesnt wanna work on my original computer.. so i gotta use my sister's laptop.. >-< 

Re-cap: and before you knew it.. you felt yourself getting ready to climax.. you took a shakily breath "S-Slender!!" you warned.. but he didnt stop.. your vision grew blurry as you suddenly climaxed.. you groaned lightly as the pleasure began to fade away.. he pulled out and suddenly disappeared leaving you all alone in the woods.. you glanced around confused and afraid.. "Slender.. come back.." you whispered softly as you got dressed..

~Your POV~

~Three weeks later~

You sighed heavily as you roamed around the woods.. Searching for that slender being you missed.. Where are you slender... You glanced around questioning where he is.. You shook your head.. deciding to give up on the search.. till You bumped into a tree, you grunted and shook your head lightly and backed up a bit This tree wasn't here before... You glanced up seeing the one and only slender-being... The one who brought you pleasure three weeks ago.. "Slender.." You said lowly as a faint smile appeared on your face..

He stared at you blankly not saying a word.. till you noticed his tendrils.. and static beginning to ring through your ears and blur your eye sight.. This wasn't like last time.. "S-Slender.." You said weakly.. as you begin to grow dizzy.. you slumped down to your knees and fell unconscious.. When you had woken up.. You was laying where you had fallen unconscious.. You was going to get up till you had noticed something was on you.. the same blank face was hovering above you.. This was certainly different.. very different.. you felt something entering you.. you grunted and moaned out loudly..

you felt his face growing closer to your neck.. then something wet slither across it.. you shut your eyes as you moaned out as he gently nibbled your neck.. beginning to thrust into you.. It felt much more better than last time strangely enough... His thrusts slowly began to speed up.. your breathing hitched up in your throat.. as you let more moans out.. you arched your back upwards.. your hands were held down by his tendrils so you couldn't really scratch or cling onto him.. so you clenched your fists.. the pleasure shooting through your body.. "Slender.. H-Harder.." you pleaded to him.. wanting more.. Strangely enough he listened to you.. and began to thrust harder into you.. 

Hitting your g-spot.. you could feel yourself getting closer to climax.. you gasped every time he hit it.. letting out a whimper.. you began to move your hips against his a bit.. wanting to reach climax.. as you began to get closer you couldn't help but cry out his name "Slender.. Oh slender.. Slender.. Slender!" You finally screamed out his name once your climax hit you "SLENDER~~!!" You could still feel him thrusting into you.. roughly.. and fast.. He wanted you to climax a second time..

you whimpered lightly as your legs shook.. beginning to feel numb.. "Slender.." You moaned loudly.. moving your hips against his.. to reach your climax more quicker in order to get it over with.. The sounds of skin clapping against each other and moans where the only thing that could be heard through the woods.. You could feel yourself getting closer to climaxing a second time.. "OHH SLENDER~!" You moaned out loudly as your second climax hit you.. your eyes rolling to the back of your head as pleasure shot through you body.. slender's thrusts began to grew sloppy as he climaxed into you.. you let out one last moan as he bit down onto your neck.. leaving his mark on you.. before pulling out.. and fixing himself up before picking you up.. you were twitching a bit.. still trying to get down from your high.. you wanted more..

Luckily the fun hadn't ended.. He teleported away taking you with him.. back to the mansion To continue the fun.. All Night Long.

~Le End~

Hehehe ive gotten better dont ya think? Lol
Well.. this is gunna be my last Reader X Slender Fanfiction for now..
Ill take requests if you want me to make a fanfiction for you. Lol
But yaaah.. Lmao. i did this in like a couple of minutes.. XD
Im a fast typer. So yep. Bye now my lovelies.. Lmao ;3
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-Girls love it when guys hug them from behind the waist.
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-Girls love it when guys let them wear their hoodie or jacket.
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