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Turquoise and Black Divider by Sugaree-33

New EclipseClan Allegiances
Please note, I haven't finished it, I just decided to leave this here so people can begin adding their names. Note the group if your name is missing!

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:bulletyellow:│Ceremony ▪ :bulletred:│Important/Emergency news ▪ :bulletwhite:│Alliance ▪ :bulletblack:│Death ▪ :bulletpurple:│Event
:bulletpink::bulletgreen::bulletorange::bulletblue:│Season ~ Newleaf▪Greenleaf▪Leaffall▪Leafbare


The winding oak branches gently sway within the soothing greenleaf breeze, with rays of intense sunlight leaking through the tree canopies. Prey is plentiful this season, with field mice running through entwined roots and along sandy pathways, and rabbits bounding across calm streams into open grasslands. A steady breeze seems to whisper through the territory almost constantly.

The sun beats down upon the camp with a scorching heat, the bright blue sky alight with the sun's rays. Clouds are scattered across the vibrant sky, leaving splotches of white across the scenery.


:bulletred:We're doing things differently:bulletred:
Hello there friends, clan mates, and creepy stalkers, Dragonflystar here with some updates.
The deviantART page for Eclipse has been unattended for a long time, mostly due to the fact that reorganizing the allegiances was a nearly impossible task, and just kept getting shoved aside. Well now I have a new way of doing things. Instead of showing off our list of members on this page I'm moving it all to Google Docs, this should make things less complicated and give us more room for other things. It will be a while before I change the guide below, and a few other things here and there, but for now the news and the allegiances will be updated regularly.
10/15/2015, 6:00pm, Central



We believe in Starclan and the Dark Forest

:bulletblack::bulletblack:Warriors of Eclipseclan must follow the warrior code.:bulletblack::bulletblack:

:bulletblack:Keep names and colors realistic please.:bulletblack:
Some of our warriors do have inaccurate names, according to the books, but they're excused. For future characters made it is preferred you attempt to keep your character realistic. Also, colors such as, specifically, pink, purple, and green are not acceptable 'full' colors for your cat. They should only be added if they are markings such as paint.
(Like Viperstar has green paint on her fur. Thus her green feet.)

:bulletblack:You are only allowed to be in 4 other clans maximum.:bulletblack:
You can make as many warriors as you'd like, however, you may only be in 4 different clans at the most.


:bulletblack:Respect your clanmates:bulletblack:
You are expected to treat your clanmates with respect even if you do not like them. During a patrol, war, or encounter with an enemy also requires you to keep quite. Hissing words of hate and disrespect is frowned upon and makes us look irresponsible.

:bulletblack:No fighting:bulletblack:
Play fighting between clanmates or practicing moves is acceptable. But injuring with intentions to hurt or kill others is not the Eclipseclan way. You may only do so if your life is threatened or have been told otherwise.

:bulletblack:No crossing borders/etc.:bulletblack:
Making this rather blunt for future issues.
You are not allowed to cross borders, even if it is into ally territory. You must remain in Eclipseclan territory unless you have asked a superior and they have allowed you to leave. No excuses.

HOWEVER, if you log onto a Territory that isn't yours or end up in one on accident I suggest you leave immediately to avoid conflict and misunderstanding. You're responsible for your actions.

:bulletblack:Keep Drama to a minimum:bulletblack:
Keep drama to a minimum and be respectful of those around you. This is mostly directed towards kits; Escapes, Fires, fox attacks, and rogues are not allowed unless said otherwise.

:bulletblack:No mate begging/stealing:bulletblack:
This easily falls under Drama Llamas.
Please do not go around the clan begging for mates and trying to take someone's mate. The only way you can get a mate and really have a relationship is if your their friend first or they agree to being your mate if you ask appropriately.

:bulletblack:No kit begging/stealing:bulletblack:
It's amazing what people would do for their character to have a family. Believe me, such a thing like this happens. Don't go around to your fellow clanmates begging them to make a mini you or be your kit. The kits who join the clan decide if they wanna have parents or not and who they want to be their parents.

:bulletblack:Kits must have parents:bulletblack:
To keep the roleplay realistic, if you want to have a kit you need a mate. There's no way around it. The only way you can have a kit and it just be you raising it is if you adopted an orphan kit. However those are rare.

:bulletblack:Kit hoarding is prohibited:bulletblack:
Queens can only have up to 4 kits at a time.
And it is even suggested you don't even go that far. It may not seem like it at first but even having 1 kit is hard. Please try to have as few kits as possible at a time and allow others to have some of their own.

:bulletblack:Moons are taken seriously:bulletblack:
A kit cannot become a warrior right after it has been born within Roleplay. Nor can an apprentice go through a real life day's worth of training and be made a warrior. Cats must earn their right to climb the ranks and no amount of begging will change that.


:bulletblue:Kit to Apprentice:bulletblue:
A kit must remain in the nursery for at least 2 real-life days.
Afterwards, the kit's parents will decide if it is ready to become an apprentice.
Kits cannot stay longer than 2 weeks in the nursery,
after that the leader will immediately make them an apprentice.

:bulletblue:Apprentice to Warrior:bulletblue:
An apprentice must stay in training for as long as it needs to be.
AND it's mentor must be training it diligently.
An apprentice will stay in training for as long as necessary until it has been properly taught what it needs to know to become a proper warrior.

:bulletblue:Part 2:bulletblue:
Once an apprentice is ready to become a warrior
it will be tested by the Leader or Deputy.
If it passes the test, it will be taken to High Rock
where a clan meeting will be held to give it a fitting name.

Clan Statistics

We are currently active.
Checking our group, marking our territory, training, and roleplaying daily.

Territory / District
Wacky Woods of TTI
Peaceful Peaks of TTF
Vibrant Valley of TTR
Watercolor Woods of TTR
Our main camp is Watercolor Woods of TTR

Lost Presence Pack
Mystical Moon Clan
We are currently accepting requests to ally, note Viperstar if you wish to ally.

All other clans


Eclipseclan is naturally a non-hostile clan that doesn't like making enemies. However, we are a clan who isn't afraid of fighting to the death to defend what is ours.






When joining please fill out this form:

Character's Name:
Character's Gender
Other clans I'm in:
Desired Rank:


When requesting for a character to be added to the list please
Tell us if it's a cat, wolf, fox, or owl
as well as it's gender and rank

or it will not be added.
You're not here because you're not logged in


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