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Original Species Meme/Reference: Banshee Fae
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Published: April 23, 2017
Name: Banshee Fae / Banshee Faeires
This species is named for their ability to screech to disorientate prey and communicate with their swarm. This cry heralds the death of all who hear it, although for less mystical reason than their name sake, and has been recorded to burst the ear drums of the unlucky hunted. Once you can't run anymore there's no hope for you. Fae may appear harmless, but as many folktales will warn you, they are bloodthirsty.

Latin Name: Pyrogopristis Phasmatodea
I took the latin name for my species from the two real life species that influenced them the most. Pyrogopristis is a genus of piranha that is omnivorous, reflecting how Banshee Fae will swarm and eat prey down to the bone and how, when desperate, will eat anything they can get their jaws around. Phasmatodea is an order of insects known as 'stick bugs' which get their name from their ability to camouflage. This reflects the Banshee Fae's beta design where their wings shared the apperance of leaves, as well as their rail-thin bodies.  Phasmatodea also shares the root word for 'phantom', as banshees were frequently included in ghost stories.

Homeworld: Flipped, The Abandoned Dimension
After their own homeworld was destroyed, the two child gods floated aimlessly. They only had a sliver of home left, safe in a pocket dimension, and they thought... 'What if we remade it, but better?' 

It didn't work out so well.

The Hell that Fae call home was the children's first attempt, a corrupt photo-negative of fallen Marmorarius, created when intelligence stood in the way of natural order. Of chaos. They micromanaged a world to a high level of evolution but created an ecosystem that couldn't sustain itself. It collapsed into fire, cannibalism, and madness due to their hubris. And the Gods just left it.

Open Species: No(???)
It's a tentative 'no', because Banshee Fae aren't really the sort of species you can make OCs out of??? They're just dumb animals created to flesh out my fictional mythology; they can't even hold individual personalities! That being said, you can have one if you really want. Maybe you have an OC who's a scientist and it would make sense for them to have a fae in a jar somewhere. I just ask that you don't make adoptables of them and please credit me if they do show up somewhere in your art/stories.

Intelligence/Technology Level/Aggression: Medium/Primitive/High
Banshee Fae, despite their humanoid appearance, are insects. They are not sapient and have a limited intelligence. They have been shown to use simple tools, such as creating and using rope, and identify their own reflections. They used to be pack hunters, but lack of food has led to desperation and them turning on each other.

Food/Eating Habits: Omnivorous/Cannibalistic
Banshee Fae used to be fully carnivorous, but quickly depleted their food supply with ravenous appetites and aggressive hunting style. As prey declined, they began to eat whatever they could get their hands on including plants, corpses, and mold. Some have even been observed eating dirt and rocks out of intense hunger. They will resort to cannibalism, attacking and eating each other on sight. Some will even auto-cannibalize their own 'spare' legs.

Ideal/Typical Specimen:
Banshee Fae are humanoid insects. They have an exoskeleton, six limbs (two pairs of legs, one pair of arms), a set of wings, a complex chewing mouth, and compound eyes.


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