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My Bio

Welcome to my page,

I'm a 3D hobbyist who's making is "own" model (it's more like a tweak/combined from differents shape). I'm using Daz3d to create the scene/setup and then use Iray for the render part.

I'm doing pinup/erotic art (and even more for my Patreons).

As said i have a Patreon page where you can support my work:

What you will find ? Tons of exclusive pics from the beginning of my Patreons page and exclusive comic set. Since 2 years now i'm trying to do 1 comic set per month, atleast never reached but almost get it ^^.

Hope you will enjoy my art, have a nice day!

Favourite Movies
Lord of the rings, Matrix, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, ...
Favourite Books
Les Rêveurs, Les princes d'Ambre
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Daz4.9 / CS 6 / Octane / Zbrush / Iray
Hello, Time to time i receive requests for commissions and most of the time i'm not able to do it or it's not in my own style. So i open this journal entry to give you the right informations, for those who will be interested. - pre-requisite: I'm working only with my own model (look at my most recent pics to give you an idea, all of my V4/G2 models are not up to date and i don't use them anymore!), or existing product (it will depend of the model). - what i do: i do softcore & hardcore image (for more precision, refer to my current art ^^), i'm also open for commissioned set short/long it's up to you. - what i don't do: Giantessfurry
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Patreon is here

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Hello, I'm happy to finally announce that i've opened it, here's the link if you wanna support my work & have an access of exclusive pictures & comic sets, more to come each month (!!!). Just to clarify at start i wanted to give you a Tier which give an access of around monthly 50-60 pics in another word 1 comic set by month, i clearly can't handle this. It needs too much work & with my main job + i'd like to spend my time on something different than 3D :D (time to time). I'm currently thinking to add an alternative of the 10$ Tier, it's not yet very clear, as i need to see how my Patreon's
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Hey folks, So! Here we go, after multiple thought i've finally decide to start my Patreon's page for the beginning of October. Why so late ? - First august was very hot, got few days to render correctly & so didn't finished enough work to start my page to be fair with you. - 2ndly it will be perfect to start the page at the real beginning of the month. As i have 2 weeks holiday at the end of September it will give me enough days to do & finish my works for the launch I still need some clarifcations on how the content released work, what i mean is if a subscriber have access to all content of his Tier or an access of only the month
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THANKS for watching!

 May I suggest You ad Vore to Your list of things You don't do? 
 All on Your list I refrain From.
It Restrains some of the Artists who wish to Depict Me.