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Complete Overhaul! Now using "The Weather Channel" JSON as source!
Version 2.2021.07.08

Current weather details on first panel will fade to 3-day forecast on second panel
Click Title to toggle current/3-day 

Data provided by The Weather Channel JSON.

Set your location by editing the Latitude and Longitude values; right-click, select 'Custom skin actions', 'Edit weather variables and follow the instructions. Save that file and refresh the skin.
Requires the latest Rainmeter beta (, available here

Version 2.2021.08.07
Corrected wind direction display (Thanks IOgens!)
Version 2.2021.07.08
Corrected language translations... Thanks for the heads up, IOgens!

Version 2.2021.06.11
Corrected to use JSON data

Version 2.2016.05.14
Changed the Website accessed for Weather data

Version 2.2016.04.19
Corrected Celsius temp unit display

Version 2.2016.04.18
Hid unneeded separator lines in Locator lookup
Modified Location to display longer names on 2 lines

Version 1.2016.04.18
The Weather Channel as new source
Added Locator skin to lookup your location
Measurement type (Imperial/Metric) select-able from context menu

Version 1.2016.03.25
Using alternate site for weather Yahoo  data (thanks moshiAB)!

Version 1.2016.02.10
Removed ActionTimer.dll
Corrected test for celsius; now test for 'c' and 'C' (thanks jmward007!)

Version 1.2015.12.07
Modified to allow toggle between current/3-day by clicking title

Corrected 2 issues causing previous skin to bleed-through (not totally hidden on change)

Updated the ActionTimer.dll to prevent issues with some commands
Requires Rainmeter V3.3.0.2423

Modified Wind Direction to display Compass Cardinal directions rather than degrees
(Edit 'meterValue2' if you want degrees used instead)

Initial release
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Work! ;)