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Complete Overhaul! Now using "The Weather Channel" JSON as source!
Version 2.2021.07.08

Current weather details on first panel will fade to 3-day forecast on second panel
Click Title to toggle current/3-day 

Data provided by The Weather Channel JSON.

Set your location by editing the Latitude and Longitude values; right-click, select 'Custom skin actions', 'Edit weather variables and follow the instructions. Save that file and refresh the skin.
Requires the latest Rainmeter beta (, available here

Version 2.2021.08.07
Corrected wind direction display (Thanks IOgens!)
Version 2.2021.07.08
Corrected language translations... Thanks for the heads up, IOgens!

Version 2.2021.06.11
Corrected to use JSON data

Version 2.2016.05.14
Changed the Website accessed for Weather data

Version 2.2016.04.19
Corrected Celsius temp unit display

Version 2.2016.04.18
Hid unneeded separator lines in Locator lookup
Modified Location to display longer names on 2 lines

Version 1.2016.04.18
The Weather Channel as new source
Added Locator skin to lookup your location
Measurement type (Imperial/Metric) select-able from context menu

Version 1.2016.03.25
Using alternate site for weather Yahoo  data (thanks moshiAB)!

Version 1.2016.02.10
Removed ActionTimer.dll
Corrected test for celsius; now test for 'c' and 'C' (thanks jmward007!)

Version 1.2015.12.07
Modified to allow toggle between current/3-day by clicking title

Corrected 2 issues causing previous skin to bleed-through (not totally hidden on change)

Updated the ActionTimer.dll to prevent issues with some commands
Requires Rainmeter V3.3.0.2423

Modified Wind Direction to display Compass Cardinal directions rather than degrees
(Edit 'meterValue2' if you want degrees used instead)

Initial release
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Thank you for the update! Anyway, I can't find a way to find the location that I want when i click on "TWS" on the top right. I think it should be a link, but I can't find it.

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Open '@ Resources\' and enter your Latitude and Longitude values, save that file and refresh the skin.

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I've already did it and it works, but I'm speaking about the "TWC" (probably I've wrote it wrong) on the top: when I click it, it give me the capital weather, and not that of my province.

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That link location is automatically generated by the website based on your internet service provider location, not your location. You will need to enter your location in the website search.

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I may change that action in a future update so it is the same as your latitude/longitude settings, but for now TWC decides where they think you are...

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No problem, for now it costs me anything to click on my city. Thank you for your time and work :)

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How to write you the private message?

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Mouse over the "3 dots icon" next to the "bell icon" in the top bar, and click on "Notes".

You should be able to send a "New Note" PM from there.

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The compass the direction of wind does not work! Сheck, please...

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You are right! :(

The skin does a conversion in the [mCardinal] section and I used the already converted value. So change either the measure [MeasureW2] or the meter [meterValue2].

Edit the file and change the [MeasureW2] section to this:

;Wind Direction Degrees








Edit the file and change the [meterValue2] section to this:







Change either, but not both. The info from the 'compass' [meterValue2] is formatted by TWC, while the 'degrees' [measureW2] is formatted by the skin. They are slightly different, but you can use either method.

I will post an updated package in the near future...

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OK! Thank you for fast fix! :)

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Translation of the file of does not work.

If in the illustroWeather.ini file Text= "XXXXXX" to replace with Text=#XXXXXX# everything works


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Hmm, I'll look into that. Thanks

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So this one is still not wroking?

Eclectic-Tech's avatar

Not updated yet... :(

I will try to get it updated in the next week or so.

You can use this


until I can get this version updated

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Yes, i'm using it until now. I just wanted to change its with this. Anyway, don't worry, thanks for the effort :)

Jok3rsGr1n's avatar

i cant get this to work at all

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Not updated yet... it will be a while before I have time to work on it.

SeanMalahy's avatar killed their API. You'll need to re-write this to use a different site, like Yahoo, or something.

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I have an update almost ready... in another day or so will be posting it.

Looks like the api is RIP.

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