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Complete Overhaul! Now using "The Weather Channel" as source!
Version 2.2016.05.14

Current weather details on first panel will fade to 3-day forecast on second panel
Change rate can be set (default 30 sec cycle)
Click Title to toggle current/3-day 

Data provided by The Weather Channel.

A new skin is included to lookup your 'weatherCode' & 'weatherUnit' can be set from the context menu.

Requires the latest Rainmeter beta (, available here

Version 2.2016.05.14
Changed the Website accessed for Weather data

Version 2.2016.04.19
Corrected Celsius temp unit display

Version 2.2016.04.18
Hid unneeded separator lines in Locator lookup
Modified Location to display longer names on 2 lines

Version 1.2016.04.18
The Weather Channel as new source
Added Locator skin to lookup your location
Measurement type (Imperial/Metric) select-able from context menu

Version 1.2016.03.25
Using alternate site for weather Yahoo  data (thanks moshiAB)!

Version 1.2016.02.10
Removed ActionTimer.dll
Corrected test for celsius; now test for 'c' and 'C' (thanks jmward007!)

Version 1.2015.12.07
Modified to allow toggle between current/3-day by clicking title

Corrected 2 issues causing previous skin to bleed-through (not totally hidden on change)

Updated the ActionTimer.dll to prevent issues with some commands
Requires Rainmeter V3.3.0.2423

Modified Wind Direction to display Compass Cardinal directions rather than degrees
(Edit 'meterValue2' if you want degrees used instead)

Initial release
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So this one is still not wroking?

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Not updated yet... :(

I will try to get it updated in the next week or so.

You can use this


until I can get this version updated

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Yes, i'm using it until now. I just wanted to change its with this. Anyway, don't worry, thanks for the effort :)

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i cant get this to work at all

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Not updated yet... it will be a while before I have time to work on it.

SeanMalahy's avatar killed their API. You'll need to re-write this to use a different site, like Yahoo, or something.

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I have an update almost ready... in another day or so will be posting it.

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Looks like the api is RIP.

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Sometimes it fails to update weather and does not show any values in any field.

I'm not sure why it happens, my guess is it receives no data from due to fetch limits. If it uses your API, please tell me how I can change the API to my own. Thank you!
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It uses as the data source; it can be unavailable from time to time.
I would be patient and wait a short time, for me it usually is never down for more than a few hours.
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Can you tell me how I can stop the widget from switching automatically to the 3 day panel? I like the widget, but it's annoying me. Thank you.
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Right-click the skin, select "Edit skin" from the menu. You need to edit the [Variables] section of the skin file and set the value of 'ChangeWeatherTime' to zero. You can still click the title to toggle between the 2 pages.

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Done! Thank you!
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Great Skin, can you tell me how often the current data should refresh?  Can it be changed?
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The update rate in the skin is set to update every 30 minutes. You can change this by lowering the value of UPDATERATE= in the [measureW0] section to 1800 (15 min), or remove it completely and the default 600 (5 min) will be used.
Measure = Plugin
Plugin = Plugins\WebParser.dll
UpdateRate = 3600

I don't remember how often '' updates the info, but that will determine how long in between changes. 
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Thanks for the help, still new at this.  Is the date and time at the bottom of the Weather screen supposed to reflect the last update time?
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Yes, it is the last update time... NOT the current time :)
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I have a weird glitch happening with this skin.  I set it to my area's zip code (55709 for Bovey, MN), which does return my actual local weather for bovey from TWC.  However, when i set it with the locator, or adjust the settings in the IllustroWeather settings, It keeps on showing my Grand Rapids, MN's weather, instead.  Even though the settings have the proper zip code.  

Here is what I mean
Location: Grand Rapids in the Weather tab, however in location settings it's Bovey, MN.   This makes a big difference because Grand Rapids is 15 miles away and temps and weather can often be very different.

I also tried using the location code for bovey from TWC, (USMN0086)

I have reloaded the skin multiple times, even tried restarting my pc, restarting rain meter, switching to different cities and then back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!

BTW using RainMeter 4.0.0 r2746 64-bit (Jan  1 2017)
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (build 14393)

Forgot to show the log!
Here is the log that is produced upon using the location setter to set my location

I think this MAY be the issue.  I have a fair amount of coding experience in C++ and Java, so I am going to attempt to debug it, but if anyone else has run into this issue and knows a fix, I would be very grateful. 

Thanks again! 
Sorry for long post!
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After looking deeper it's because it is showing the weather station's name.  Ignore me, carry on.
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Thanks for the update, what i was doing this morning looking to see what the new URL was .

Thanks for the update hun. Hugs
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:thumbsup: So far the weather channel hasn't forced users to use their site, but that day may come... 
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small gripe. It's Friday the 13th (May) but shows 14th on the forecast
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