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V 3.2020.08.01
New JSON parsing
You need to set your latitude/longitude; use 'context menu, 'Custom skin actions', 'Edit Weather Variables'

V 3.2020.07.06
Updated to use JSON V3 data
All weather variables and translations settings are accessed via 'Custom skin actions >'
Select language to get TWC translations then edit 'Edit translation variables
Added option to context menu to show/hide condition icon

V 3.2020.02.01
:bulletgreen: Added translations for "Low" and "Range"
Translations can be set up by editing "@ Resources\"

V 3.2020.01.19
:bulletgreen: Rewrote to use HTML code
:bulletgreen: Added Language skin based on Xxenium's code (Supports multiple languages)
:bulletgreen: Change only the 'LocationCode' variable and refresh

:bulletgreen: Added support for Hungarian & Romanian languages

:bulletgreen: Added support for languages
:bulletgreen: 5 language translation included: English / French / Spanish / German / Chinese (Simplified)
:bulletgreen: Easily modified to any language

Rainmeter 'illustro' style weather provided by "The Weather Channel"

:bulletblue: Hover Title for Location/Click to open TWC
:bulletblue: Current conditions
:bulletblue: Temp & Temp range
:bulletblue: Wind Direction and Speed 0~200
:bulletblue: Humidity

Corrected auto-scaled background to match other illustro skins

Corrected temperature unit display; controlled from context menu

Converted to TWC site for reliability

Added a complete list of the weather info indexes returned by the skin

Initial release
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Ty, no problems here ;)

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Thanks! It works perfectly :w00t!:

Thanks for the update!

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July 29, 2020 ... All weather skins based on TWC stopped working.

We are looking at solutions.

Any post regarding the skins not working will be deleted.

THanks I'm going to try this out I love the illustro rainmeter skins, so basic yet elegant. Hopefully this works out well. FIngers crossed:weed:

best weather skin imo, tyvm for keeping it updated after multiple depreciated formats <3

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Thanks a lot for the fix!

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illustroSimpleWeather.ini v3.2020.07.06 Work!!! Toggle Condition Icon - Thanks !!!

Whether it is possible


Automatically uses defined #Lanaguage# (i.e. en-US) to translate Month/Day names to Russian?

Sorry my English...

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Edit [meterTitle] so it looks like this:















Text="#Weather# %4"

LeftMouseUpAction=!Execute [""]



ToolTipText="#ObservedAt# %3#CRLF#%2, %5 %6"

Save the file and refresh. I may add this in a future update.

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Thanks you for the fast fix! Now that work great!

A future update - is good!

Thank you very match!

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Broken still. Would be nice to actually have an working weather tab in illustro. Every weather tab ive gone too is broken

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An update is coming soon... I promise!

As others said seems to be broken still, but it is also not very clear where to set location coordinates.

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seems to be broken unfortunately :(

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I'm having a problem. I removed the skin in "skins" and I tried to download it again, but the problem persists, it only shows the Weather button on top and an L in the entire skin... Is it the same problem of the others in theese days?

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Changes are happening at the weather channel site, so I need that to settle down before making any changes... I should have a new version in the next week or two...

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Don't worry dude, good luck for the fix :). Thank you for your work.

I am not sure what changed but something broke this cool gizmo again... Can you please update?

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Things at The Weather Channel site have changed... no solution yet, since it does not affect everyone. Some users are not having a problem, but apparently you and I are. I am going to wait a few days before making any changes.

Thank you. I will wait for your fix.

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