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NOTE: 01.16.2019 Removed package download. No longer works due to changes at Yahoo

illustra Suite has Readers and is an update of all illustro skins

A RSS reader to match the illustro style Rainmeter skins

:bulletblue: Displays latest 5 items from 13 feeds (Updates will not overwrite user feed settings)
:bulletblue: Highlights items newer than 15 minutes (time is adjustable)
:bulletblue: New feed every minute (time is adjustable)
:bulletblue: Previous/Next buttons
:bulletblue: Direct feed access buttons

YQL Parsing by JSMorley 
Uses Yahoo Query Language (YQL)
:bulletyellow: May not work with non-english feeds

Modified indicator from a bar to a gold dot
User Feeds will not be overwritten by updates
Feeds links are located in the 'Resources\YQL\' file 
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Fantastic reader, and it looks great with the rest of illustro! It's recently stopped working for me, though, and I'm not sure what's happened.
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That is an older reader based on using Yahoo query language. Yahoo has recently been making changes and that may have caused it to stop working... Not working for me here! I would suggest trying my newer 'illustra' suite
Illustra by Eclectic-Tech
I rewrote all the illustro skins and added several new ones. It has several RSS reader skins and can be edited for others.
illustra skins can be scaled to fit any resolution and colored using Win10 Accent color so they are always complimentary to your wallpaper.

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I see the new reader in Illustra only shows one feed per skin. Any chance to get a similar style to illustroReader here with multiple feeds switching in one skin?
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Probably not... sadly, not all feeds use the same format, so you can not easily create a universal reader.

I may look into that, but it is easier to just edit the skin for a particular site (see Readers\RSSTemplate)
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OK thank you for replying and thank you for all your work! If you do ever manage to make an all-in-one reader I would be very happy, but I understand. :)
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I may combine a few similar feeds some day.
But probably not one that a user can change feed sources (too many problems doing that).
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Thanks by this illustro RSS. Specially by making it auto slider. Most RSS skins are static and you need to manually click to change them to next feed provider.
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Can't get it to open at all. 
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It opens fine... I have the latest Rainmeter beta installed, what version do you have?
It IS about 2 yrs old, so some of the RSS feeds no longer work, but it loads and displays what is available.
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I tried to add new feeds by editing "Feeds" file, but it ends with some error- it says reading all the time. How can I add new feeds?
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You are doing the right thing, all details are in "@ Resources\YQL\" file. All you should need to do is put in the name and address of the feed. But be aware that not all feeds are compatible with YQL, "Yahoo Query Language"...

If you can let me know the feed address, I can check it, but I would try a few others. If they work then it is mostly the feed and nothing can be done about that Sorry.
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is 13 feed maximum? If so, why? Do I have replace some of the current feeds? I will make list of feeds that I want and give you to check. THX bro!
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Yes, without making quite a few changes to the code, 13 is the max...
You would have to replace current feeds if you want new ones and already have 13.

I can tell you that about 30% of feeds have issues when trying to use YQL to get info... I have not looked at any changes to this skin since I wrote it 2 years ago because the reliability when using YQL is not where I want it.
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Great job :)

Stupid question, but how do I adjust the time it takes for new feeds to appear?
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Not a stupid question... :thumbsup:

Open the skin in a text editor.
Near the top is a [Variables] section.
Look for the line : 'NoteChangeInterval=60'
Change '60' to the number of seconds between News Feeds.
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Great job! Thanks for sharing this. I'm trying to customize this to match the style of my own skin. I was hoping to alternate the colors of the 5 feeds so that they stand out to me a little better - I did this by adding a second text color variable named: "colorText2" and changed the "FontColor" for [MeterEntry2Title] and [MeterEntry4Title] to the new variable. This works when the skin is refreshing and the 5 news story titles only display as "reading...", but once it's finished and actual titles are displayed the colors all go back to the #colorText# variable. What am I missing here? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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The colors are set by the LUA script based on the time the post was made. It has been a while since I looked at this code and sadly, I do not have much free time to help right now :( 

Because the text color is based on age of the post, try modifying the 'HighColor', 'NewEntryColor', and 'OldEntryColor' variable values.
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Can I add more line of Feed??
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To add more than 5 items would require a lot of changes to the skin; more measures to read the data & more meters to display them; that is not a simple change, but it is possible, just not right now. I will make a note to look at this later as a possible project.
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Sound good.Tks so much!
By the way, I had edit some lines and it look like this. It's awesome.……

P/S: Sr 'bout my bad Eng. :D
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this work well but i want add some non-english feeds, how can i fix it?
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I hope to have an update in the next few weeks that allow you to read non-english feeds... it involves some major internal changes...
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this is awesome work, simple and easy to use. Is there a way to make it bigger tho? i sit roughly 3 ft from my monitor and small print is a lil hard. Thank you :D
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