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illustro Notes ~ Patch 1.2018.05.09



:: Features ::
  • illustro style
  • in-the-skin editing of up to 16 notes
  • ability to move notes up/down in the list
  • strike-through the current note ~ right-click to restore (v1.2018.03.11) 
  • delete the current note
  • middle-click to copy highlighted note to the clipboard
  • double-click to edit note
  • enlarged buttons for better touch screen function
  • corrected strike-through of added note and re-positioning (v1.2018.03.12)

I packaged the skin as a patch to illustro, so if you already have illustro installed, it will add a Notes folder to your current illustro installation and not make any changes to other existing illustro skins.

If illustro is not installed, it will install in a new illustro/Notes folder in your skins folder.

:: Credits ::
killall-q for LUA code
Webdings font (@ Resources\Fonts)
Rainmeter Team for illustro style

:: History ::
v 1.2018.05.09
Bullet; Yellow  Modified highlight to a neutral color (per request)
Bullet; Yellow  Minor text alignment changes

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I'm using the current version of Illustro Notes. I have four notes. Where I've placed it, the solid color background extends below the bottom of the screen. There's a lot of blank space between the last note and the bottom. As much as I appreciate the notes expanding vertically downward to fit the number of notes, I'd like to know if I can either limit the height of the entire Notes section or at least the amount of blank space below the last note. I can't just move the notes because I have other items (calendar, weather, etc.) above it. I just need to either shorten the note space or lessen the amount of blank space below the last note. Please let me know how to accomplish that. THANK YOU!!