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Win10 Widgets Notes Patch 1.0.0

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A patch to add Win10 Notes to your existing Win10 Widgets.
You MUST have Win10 Widgets by TJ Markham installed for this to work properly.

A notes and ToDo list
Add up to 16 notes
Delete, strike, move, edit, or copy to clipboard

Includes a simple UserColors.ini to easily change the Win10 Widgets colors or reset to default colors.
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I've found this widget very handy. I adjusted a lot of variables to make it work for me which seems to have broken the "strikeout". If I may, below are a few things I think would improve it's usefulness.

I, too, had the issue of not being able to align it to the right edge of my screen. In particular, this only seemed to be an issue on my left (second) monitor. Adjusting one of the padding variables helped with this.

I also adjusted a bunch of variables so I could make it the right size. It knocks it down to 12 visible items before the text gets pushed out of the framed area. It would be nice if this were simply a variable and perhaps if one could select the font size, it could do the math and set the length (y-axis) appropriately. I'd love for the x-axis to also be definable.

I like having the header "Notes" but would really love to be able to customize it and perhaps make it a bit smaller and in a different color from the other text.

Speaking of which, being able to select the color of the text types would be pretty nice as would having the "Add a new note" be optionally at the bottom rather than top. And having new note items be added to the bottom of the visible list rather than the top.

Perhaps strike-through could not only do strike-through text, but also switch the text to a different color?

Lest it seem otherwise, I'm very grateful for you making this widget available and all of the things are just suggestions that I think would make it even better. I have no expectation that you'll consider them much less implement. Thank you again!

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Requested this skin yesterday and you released it today :nod:. Your's fast @Eclectic-Tech Thanks

Nice skin and works perfectly. The only problem i'm having is that i can't align it on right with my other skins.

2020-06-03 195223
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Hmm... I do not see that issue here. I will try to do some testing, but it will be difficult since it aligns on my system. Did you change any settings? I would be mostly interested in you skin width settings.

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I have done a clean install of rainmeter with clean Win10 Widgets without my settings for testing but this align issue remains.

As you can see in the screenshots.

The highlighted text icon bar is overlapping the skin that why i can't align it.

2020-06-09 204301
2020-06-09 202841

Update Note:- MaxW=(#Width#-#XOffset#*2) to *4 fixed my align issue.

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Good catch... I will add that in my next update.