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Win10 Weather Stand Alone Version V3.2022.01.24

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A set of weather skins that use JSON as the source with updated APIKey
in the style of WIN10 WIDGETS based on JSMorley's JSON weather data.

============================= NOTICE!!! ===============================

You do not need to install Win10 Widgets, this package is a STAND ALONE version.

If you already have Win10 Widgets installed, then I recommend downloading the "patch" from Win10 Widget Weather Patch.

Added middle-mouse-click to show weather meters when "Retrieving Weather..." remains visible
 - - Note: Some info may not be correct when this happens
Changed default width to 361 pixels in @ Resources\variables.ini to match other widgets
Shifted day icons for better alignment in Extra-Large variant

Corrected skin only updating when refreshed

Corrected forecast high temperature

V 3.2020.08.01
New JSON parsing
You need to set your location latitude and longitude; use context menu, 'Custom skin actions',  'Edit Weather Variables'

V 3.2020.07.02a
Corrected skin update
Corrected afternoon temperatures and icons

V 3.2020.06.25
Updated to use JSON weather data (Thanks to JSMorley's work of maintaining)
- Data loads quicker and JSON data is more reliable
Corrected alignments for variants
Weather language can be set, and translation of skin terms can be added

V 1.2020.06.10 & 12
Thorough update to address spacing issues and "null" display
Modified information placement to avoid overlapping data
Reset width to match original widget width of 384 pixels
Display will redraw as each data feed is updated; no need to refresh on first load

V 1.2020.06.09
Updated to work with V3 TWC weather data
Modified design to include forecasts, moon phase, dew point, pressure trend, and wind gusts
It may be necessary to reload data on initial display due to the volume of data retrieved

V 1.2020.01.25
Released this Stand Alone version of Win10 Widgets weather

V 1.2019.05.19
Corrected 2nd day temperature display (Thanks Jamiro-style)

V 1.2019.02.11
Updated Chinese Translation (Thanks mrhuzi!)

V 1.2019.01.30
Corrected Feels Like Temperatures (Thanks SovereignGFC !)

V 1.2019.01.15
Modified forecast to show today's hi/lo and condition icon as first day
Modified today's forecast to show night condition icon when day icon is blank

V 1.2019.01.11
Updated translation files (Thanks to FabioZumbi12 for Portuguese corrections)
Added weekday abbreviations to translations (Corrections requested)

V 1.2019.01.10
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FYI, deviantart comment formatting is messing this up, it was formatted correctly when I posted it:

* I love this idea for a widget, unfortunately it won't work for me.I either get a "Retrieving Weather..." message, or if mid-click, all #s are blank, every time.* IF I try to 'Set location' from "context menu; enter your city": no matter if use ZIP or cityname,state formatting, it ALWAYS says 'no results' tried several cities in my state, nothing.* I even tied to do it manually, aka "...See '@Resources\Includes\' for setting your location....' it says to edit that file, but doesn’t exist at all.* I'm really confused, any ideas?* Thanks in advance!