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Win10 Weather Stand Alone Version V3.2020.10.18

A set of weather skins that use JSON as the source
in the style of WIN10 WIDGETS based on JSMorley's JSON weather data.

============================= NOTICE!!! ===============================

You do not need to install Win10 Widgets, this package is a STAND ALONE version.

If you already have Win10 Widgets installed, then I recommend downloading the "patch" from Win10 Widget Weather Patch.

Added middle-mouse-click to show weather meters when "Retrieving Weather..." remains visible
 - - Note: Some info may not be correct when this happens
Changed default width to 361 pixels in @ Resources\variables.ini to match other widgets
Shifted day icons for better alignment in Extra-Large variant

Corrected skin only updating when refreshed

Corrected forecast high temperature

V 3.2020.08.01
New JSON parsing
You need to set your location latitude and longitude; use context menu, 'Custom skin actions',  'Edit Weather Variables'

V 3.2020.07.02a
Corrected skin update
Corrected afternoon temperatures and icons

V 3.2020.06.25
Updated to use JSON weather data (Thanks to JSMorley's work of maintaining)
- Data loads quicker and JSON data is more reliable
Corrected alignments for variants
Weather language can be set, and translation of skin terms can be added

V 1.2020.06.10 & 12
Thorough update to address spacing issues and "null" display
Modified information placement to avoid overlapping data
Reset width to match original widget width of 384 pixels
Display will redraw as each data feed is updated; no need to refresh on first load

V 1.2020.06.09
Updated to work with V3 TWC weather data
Modified design to include forecasts, moon phase, dew point, pressure trend, and wind gusts
It may be necessary to reload data on initial display due to the volume of data retrieved

V 1.2020.01.25
Released this Stand Alone version of Win10 Widgets weather

V 1.2019.05.19
Corrected 2nd day temperature display (Thanks Jamiro-style)

V 1.2019.02.11
Updated Chinese Translation (Thanks mrhuzi!)

V 1.2019.01.30
Corrected Feels Like Temperatures (Thanks SovereignGFC !)

V 1.2019.01.15
Modified forecast to show today's hi/lo and condition icon as first day
Modified today's forecast to show night condition icon when day icon is blank

V 1.2019.01.11
Updated translation files (Thanks to FabioZumbi12 for Portuguese corrections)
Added weekday abbreviations to translations (Corrections requested)

V 1.2019.01.10
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I changed the longitude and latitudes to my location and now its stuck on Retrieving weather...

Eclectic-Tech's avatar

What values are you using? Since it worked with the default, there is probably an error in the numbers you use.

Nice styling, going to give it a try

Eclectic-Tech's avatar

Thanks, it should fit right in with all the other Win10 Widgets.

Hi, I have an issue where I changed my lon/lat to where I live (Australia) but then it just gets stuck on retrieving weather :(

Eclectic-Tech's avatar

What values for those? I tested Alice Springs Latitude=-23.698042 Longitude=133.880753 and it works for both F and C values.


where to change locations?

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Right-click skin, Select 'Custom skin actions', 'Edit Weather Variables'. In the file that opens, replace the Latitude and Longitude values with the values for your location, save the file, and refresh the skin.

just works! thanks

Thanks for the update. Great work. The only issue I'm having is that the current temperature shows as the high for today. The forecast shows highs/lows, but today shows current/low. Anyone else having this issue?

Eclectic-Tech's avatar

The skin shows the forecast high until some time mid-afternoon, when there is no longer a high temperature from TWC, the skin shows the high temperature since 7AM; it does this rather than showing you 'nothing' as the high temperature.

When I look at TWC right now, it shows a high today of 80 for me, so I know the correct high is there, but the skin is showing the current temperature of 72 as the high. Is it possible the skin is pulling from the wrong field? On their website, I also see "feels like 72" and "hourly forecast 72" so maybe its one of those fields, and not the "daily forecast field" which is showing 80? Sorry to bug, it's just that knowing today's high in the morning is one of the most important things about the widget. Thanks for your time. Update: My skin just went to current temp 73 and todays high 73, while TWC went to current temp 73, feels like 73, hourly forecast 73, and daily forecast 81. It definitely seems like the current day high is not pulling from the daily forecast field. However, the next 3 days on the skin all match the daily forecast field.

Yes, same issue here. To clarify, in the Large and Extra Large versions, the four day forecast section, today is showing the current temp, rather than the high for the day.

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To correct Today's High Temperature Forecast, edit the skin in a text editor, and add DynamicVariables=1 to [MeasureAfternoon] section.

I will post a corrected download by this weekend 8/30/2020.

Awesome! Thank you so much!!!!

Can confirm, the Lat/Lon works.

It's not necessary to trim the six bazillion decimal places down to what is shown in the examples; it works just fine with the full 15 places from the site.

systemx9's avatar

Everything working fine thank you so much!!! :hug:

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July 29, 2020 ... All TWC weather skins stopped working.

Working on an update for All weather skins.

Posts regarding skins not working will be deleted.

Please be patient while a solution is work on...

since yesterday (Wednesday July 29th) the weather forecast doesn't work anymore... I hope a new update from you...?

brayanhabid's avatar

Working great... However, IDK what happened to the size... It doesn't match the other widgets.

Eclectic-Tech's avatar

The BackgroundWidth variable is set to 384 which matches my other widgets. To change it , edit '@ Resources\' and set the value to match your other skins, which get their width from 'Win10 Widgets\@resources\variables.ini'

I must be missing something, but I looked through all the options given when one right-clicks the skin on ExtraLarge and saw no Choose Location on the initial menu or in any sub-menus.

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"Custom skin actions" will offer options to control the weather location and language.

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