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Win10 Weather (Patch 2020.10.18)

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This is a revised set of weather skins that use JSON data as the source
in the style of the 'ORIGINAL' WIN10 WIDGETS using JSMorley's weather retrieval measures. If you have added other skins to Win10 Widgets and this doesn't work, it is up to YOU to fix.

This is a 'Patch' so it will only overwrite the files in the 'Win10 Widgets\Weather' folder.
It contains 5 weather skins converted to use TWC data:
Weather-ExtraLarge.ini | Weather-Large.ini | Weather-Medium | Weather-Small.ini | Weather-Tint.ini and the icons folder
It also contains '@ Resources\Includes' folder with needed variables and measures and @ Resources\Fonts

No other changes are made to any Win10 Widgets!

Sign in to DA and click the Download Button for the updated weather skins: WIN10 WEATHER

You must do a one time set up of the weather variables to set your latitude/longitude, language, and imperial/metric values.

NOTE: This version will not automatically find your location (also deprecated), however, it will now show forecasts when you hover the days, and can be setup for almost any language.

If you experience issues, you can manually extract the files to your PC and replace the 'Skins/Win10 Widgets/Weather' folder and 'Skins/Win10 Widgets/resources/Include' folder. This is what the patch should do.

Added middle-mouse-click to show weather meters when 'Retrieving Weather...' remains visible
- - Note: Some info may be incorrect when this happens
Modified day icons for better aliignment

Corrected skin only updating when refreshed

* Corrected forecast high temperature
Modified to show details when latitude changes
Added Imperial/Celsius option to right-click menu
Added 12Hr/24Hr Time option to right-click menu

V 3.2020.08.01
New JSON parsing

V 3.2020.07.02
Corrected skin updates
Corrected afternoon temperatures and icons

V 3.2020.06.25
Switch source for weather data to JSON (Thanks to JSMorley's efforts to maintain)
- Data loads quicker and JSON data is more reliable
Corrected spacing on variants
Weather language can be set and skin term translations added

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Rainmeter log is throwing a repeateing error, that the following icon can not be found:

ImageName: Unable to open: C:\Users\[..]\Rainmeter\Skins\Win10 Widgets\Weather\icons\.png (Win10 Widgets\Weather\Weather-Large.ini)

Is anyone hgaving same issue? I couldn't found that file (no name, only extension) not in the original package.

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Download the stand alone version of Win10 Weather and if that works, it means your original Widgets are corrupted and should be re-installed.

At that point, re-install both the original Win10 Widgets and the weather patch.

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thank you, will try

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It is a "nuclear" solution, but re-installing usually will get you back to a working version. Good luck!

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... and most of the time is quicker in the end. ;)

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I can't seem to find the option to change my location? It automatically found the wrong location

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Click 'Custom skin actions' and then click 'Edit Weather Variables' to open the variables file in your text editor.

Follow the instructions in that file to set your Latitude and Longitude variables. Save the file and refresh the skin to see your location.

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Got it! I couldn't find where in the text document to input the latitude and longitude but I found it now, thanks!

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Well that explains it... the original Win10 Widgets by TJ Markham does not contain that skin, so you need to find where you got that skin(s), and talk to that author.


Glad to see you found your issue.

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You need to contact them about the GPU skin issue. I have no control over what they publish; the weather skins are working as they should.

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Unfortunately the OPs comments are hidden, but I think they might need the fork @ which contains the GPU skin.

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I looked at that addition and did not find a reason for it to access the weather; I believe the OP has a corrupted version and needs to reinstall that package and then install the weather patch.

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Based on a post below, I can report that I have currently on my screen, the standalone version working correctly, whilst the plugin for Win10Widgets is sitting "retrieving weather". I have no good explanation for this, but that's my situation.

For me the BackgroundWidth in variables.ini need changing to 361

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Changed default width to match other widgets; now at 361 pixels.

Also added a middle-mouse-click to show weather meters if 'Retrieving Weather...' doesn't disappear. Download V3.2020.10.18 above.

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Thanks, the middle mouse button is definite progress, but it's not perfect. In the screenshot, the standalone is on the right, the Win10Widget is on the left. As you can see, it's not correctly displaying any times, sun/moon rise/set and updated at times appear not to have been retrieved. Perhaps this will help you track down the problem.

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Thanks for the image, I will look for the cause...

Are you seeing any error messages in the Rainmeter log? (sorry if I asked this before)

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No errors in the logfile. Sorry :)

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Okay, thanks. I will watch for issues, but the skin works fine for me, so correcting individual issues is problematic.

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Clean standalone install and have the same issue as Tromador.

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Latitude and Longitude values?

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