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Win10 Weather (Patch 2020.07.02) V3a

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By Eclectic-Tech   |   
This is a revised set of weather skins that use JSON data as the source
in the style of WIN10 WIDGETS using JSMorley's weather retrieval measures.

This is a 'Patch' so it will only overwrite the files in the 'Win10 Widgets\Weather' folder.
It contains 5 weather skins converted to use TWC data:
Weather-ExtraLarge.ini | Weather-Large.ini | Weather-Medium | Weather-Small.ini | Weather-Tint.ini and the icons folder
It also contains '@ Resources\Includes' folder with needed variables and measures

No other changes are made to any Win10 Widgets!

Sign in to DA and click the Download Button for the updated weather skins: WIN10 WEATHER

You must do a one time set up of the weather variables to set your location code, language, and imperial/metric values.

NOTE: This version will not automatically find your location (also deprecated), however, it will now show forecasts when you hover the days, and can be setup for almost any language.

V 3.2020.07.02
Corrected skin updates
Corrected afternoon temperatures and icons

V 3.2020.06.25
Switch source for weather data to JSON (Thanks to JSMorley's efforts to maintain)
- Data loads quicker and JSON data is more reliable
Corrected spacing on variants
Weather language can be set and skin term translations added

V 1.2020.06.12
Made corrections to avoid overlapping data, missing region info and other issues mentioned in feedback (Thanks!)
Added moonrise/moonset times and moved phase to a tooltip
Corrected hidden portions on smaller variants

V 1.2020.06.10
Corrected spacing for days
Moon Phase on 2 lines when needed
Removed 'null' displays in Day1 high temp and wind gust tooltip

V 1.2020.06.09
Updated to work with V3 of TWC JSON data

V 1.2020.01.18 (Patch3.b)
Corrected positioning for better display, especially when language is not English
Removed obsolete code from variants

V 1.2020.01.18 (Patch3.a was updated @ 3:30 pm EST Jan 18, 2020)
Converted to use HTML code for weather data
Added expanded forecasts for each day
Requires a 1-time set up of weather variables

V 2.0.1
Corrected to show current day as first one in the Hi/Lo forcast

V 2.0.0
Corrected Feel Like Temperatures (Never worked even in original)
Changed the version to match other Win10 Widgets

V 1.2019.01.15
Modified to show today as the first day in 5 day forecast
Modified today's forecast to show correct night icon when day icon is blank
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MattsyKunHobbyist Digital Artist

HUGE thanks to you and JSMorley for getting this fixed! You guys are awesome.

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Good to have weather working reliably again, and hopefully for a while!

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It still does not render light colored text in nightmode:

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What is "nightmode"?! ... This skin uses Win10 Widgets Colors, if you changed them, then it's up to you to have a background color that shows them...

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Awesome rainmeter skin! However, it seems like it doesn't auto-update anymore regardless of updaterate settings.

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Ugh! Thanks for reporting!

The skin is updating, but the update time meter was not updating... I will post a correction for this shortly.

Addendum: I am correcting a minor issue with today's high temp and the how the skin handles when TWC does their afternoon day time data removal.

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Thank you for this!

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@Eclectic-Tech: the weather forecast is no longer updated for me with the latest version.( V 3.2020.06.25 ) With any location, original setting: 600s, but nothing, forced to refresh manually. ( I'm using the ID ) :raincloud:

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See my reply to 'RainyScene' above. Update the latest version V3a when it is posted.

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I'm having a problem with V3.2020.06.25. It hangs on "Retrieving Weather..." whether using the default location or any location code. No errors in the log. Was previously using, updated to, no change. Previous version V1.2020.06.12 worked normally.

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I have the same problem, constantly hanging on "Retrieving Weather...". Regardless of in what form the location code was specified through part of the URL or ID.

I looked at the network hit log and did not see any attempts to fulfill the request on It seems that he did not even try ..

(Patch 2020.07.02) V3a does not solve the problem

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What did you set as the "LocationCode" in "@Resources\Includes\"?

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I'm using the ID


Eclectic-Tech's avatar

That code works fine for me...

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I seem to also be having this issue after updating to the current patch V3a. I set my variables as you have noted in the ini. The logs seem to indicate that the data is actually being retrieved, but the widget remains displaying Retrieving Weather...

Does rainmeter have a cache from the old version that i could delete and retry?

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What did you set as the 'LocationCode'? This is usually the issue.

The skin test one of the measures for a change, and when it is changed, hides 'Retrieving weather...' and shows weather meters. If the parse fails for any reason, all you will see is thr initial message.

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I have used both my zip code and the longer code with no success:

in as LocationCode=18630


in as LocationCode=7b284c6ddbe69f166d02e200fe4f01aaf5ea9349b96b2ebed49daf555a930942

Both work in the browser just fine on the same machine

here is the full contents of the file:


; If another language or unit(s) of measures are desired the correct code can be found at:


; For example, French as used in France would be Language=fr-FR

; The unit(s) of measure are automatic, based on the language.

; For instance, you cannot have the language be French, but the units be F imperial.

; Note however, that simply changing from imperial F to metric C units of measure while keeping the

; language as English can be done by using en-CA as the Language.


; How often to update the weather information. Default and recommended is 600, which would be 10 minutes.


; Date and time formats you desire.

; See

; For formatting codes to use.

DateFormat=%A, %B %#d, %Y





;%#I:%M %p

; Getting and setting your LocationCode can be done one of several ways.


; The EASIEST and likely BEST way is to right-click the skin and select "Choose Location"


; This will allow you to search for and use the Location ID.

; This uses the database described at

; Example : LocationCode=USVA0944


; Search for your Country and Location, then just click the Location ID that you want.

; Your LocationCode will be set, and your skin will be refreshed to use it. Done...

; Note: You can click the Location Name, to go to Google Maps and confirm your choice.


; More manual alternatives are:


; Go to

; Search for your city until you get the location you want.

; Use the long Canonical ID number at the end of the resulting URL, for example:


; Copy and enter that as the value for the LocationCode.

; Example : LocationCode=1665d9e3052c3448be48dafc1587318a27ee85516e97e0b5376043cd41a4f0e8


; You can also use your Latitude,Longitude retrieved from in this format:

; Example : LocationCode=38.7230934,-77.0690415

; In the USA, you can simply use your ZipCode as the LocationCode.

; Example : LocationCode=22308



; Don't change any below here.



Eclectic-Tech's avatar

Both those LocationCode values work fine for me.



LocationCode= 7b284c6ddbe69f166d02e200fe4f01aaf5ea9349b96b2ebed49daf555a930942


Install the patch again. And make sure you only have 1 LocationCode defined.

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R3DD3VNew Deviant

Thanks for this! I love the Win 10 widgets, and the weather not working was really bugging me.

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:nod: U R Welcome!

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Updated skin to use JSON measures by JSMorley. Loads faster and with more reliable results.

Download V3 above.

Thanks for all the feedback, good, bad, and ugly!

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zombie-zaNew Deviant

I don't get a "Choose Location" option when right-clicking the skin, so I had to set the LocationCode in the "old" way. Apart from that it seems to be working perfectly. Definitely faster, thanks!

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Right-click, "Custom skin actions", "Edit weather variables"

Yes, it is manual...

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zombie-zaNew Deviant

Sorry for the confusion - when you switched to the JSON API I saw these lines in the new variables file (which were not present in the now older TWC variables file):

; Getting and setting your LocationCode can be done one of several ways.


; The EASIEST and likely BEST way is to right-click the skin and select "Choose Location"

I assumed you had added this as an easier way of getting set up, but I now realise this is probably just a leftover from the original Win10 Widgets code.

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