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Win10 Weather (Patch 2020.09.03)

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This is a revised set of weather skins that use JSON data as the source
in the style of WIN10 WIDGETS using JSMorley's weather retrieval measures.

This is a 'Patch' so it will only overwrite the files in the 'Win10 Widgets\Weather' folder.
It contains 5 weather skins converted to use TWC data:
Weather-ExtraLarge.ini | Weather-Large.ini | Weather-Medium | Weather-Small.ini | Weather-Tint.ini and the icons folder
It also contains '@ Resources\Includes' folder with needed variables and measures and @ Resources\Fonts

No other changes are made to any Win10 Widgets!

Sign in to DA and click the Download Button for the updated weather skins: WIN10 WEATHER

You must do a one time set up of the weather variables to set your latitude/longitude, language, and imperial/metric values.

NOTE: This version will not automatically find your location (also deprecated), however, it will now show forecasts when you hover the days, and can be setup for almost any language.

If you experience issues, you can manually extract the files to your PC and replace the 'Skins/Win10 Widgets/Weather' folder and 'Skins/Win10 Widgets/resources/Include' folder. This is what the patch should do.

Corrected skin only updating when refreshed

* Corrected forecast high temperature
Modified to show details when latitude changes
Added Imperial/Celsius option to right-click menu
Added 12Hr/24Hr Time option to right-click menu

V 3.2020.08.01
New JSON parsing

V 3.2020.07.02
Corrected skin updates
Corrected afternoon temperatures and icons

V 3.2020.06.25
Switch source for weather data to JSON (Thanks to JSMorley's efforts to maintain)
- Data loads quicker and JSON data is more reliable
Corrected spacing on variants
Weather language can be set and skin term translations added

V 1.2020.06.12
Made corrections to avoid overlapping data, missing region info and other issues mentioned in feedback (Thanks!)
Added moonrise/moonset times and moved phase to a tooltip
Corrected hidden portions on smaller variants

V 1.2020.06.10
Corrected spacing for days
Moon Phase on 2 lines when needed
Removed 'null' displays in Day1 high temp and wind gust tooltip

V 1.2020.06.09
Updated to work with V3 of TWC JSON data

V 1.2020.01.18 (Patch3.b)
Corrected positioning for better display, especially when language is not English
Removed obsolete code from variants

V 1.2020.01.18 (Patch3.a was updated @ 3:30 pm EST Jan 18, 2020)
Converted to use HTML code for weather data
Added expanded forecasts for each day
Requires a 1-time set up of weather variables

V 2.0.1
Corrected to show current day as first one in the Hi/Lo forcast

V 2.0.0
Corrected Feel Like Temperatures (Never worked even in original)
Changed the version to match other Win10 Widgets

V 1.2019.01.15
Modified to show today as the first day in 5 day forecast
Modified today's forecast to show correct night icon when day icon is blank
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I also had an issue with "Retrieving Weather", I tried changing all the Lat/Lon and reinstalling but nothing would work. I tried the stand alone version -

Win10 Weather Stand Alone Version V3.2020.09.03

And it worked perfectly right away.

Only issue with the stand alone version is that it is wider than the rest of the widgets so you'll need to open C:\Users\**YOUR USERNAME**\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Win10WidgetsWeather_SA\@Resources and edit the BackgroundWidth in variables.ini

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I don't get it. I just don't. Defaults, and still remaining on "Retrieving Weather". Checking the logs show me all is working as expected:


Just at a loss on how to get this thing to work again...

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Open the log, skin tab, click on 'Win10 Widgets\Weather' and watch '@LocationLatitude' value. When it changes, which it does on every load\refresh, the meters should be shown.

I can not duplicate this issue, but I would try changing the 'Latitude' and 'Longitude' variables in '@Resources\Includes\' and see if you find ones that work.

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un1234567891011New Deviant


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lisainilNew Deviant

The weather doesn't seem to be updating unless I refresh the skin.

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lisainilNew Deviant

I turned on debugging and it seems to have run...


But the display doesn't refresh...


(note the "Updated at" time does not match when the update ran nor is even close)

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lisainilNew Deviant

It ran again (10 minutes later like it should):

Run 2

As you can see, the display didn't refresh.

So I clicked on Refresh skin, and look, it updated:


So it's like the widget is updating but not refreshing the display. Is there some setting I can look for to debug this?

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'Updated' is not the time that the skin updated, but rather it is the time The Weather Channel updated their data; that is usually about every 15 minutes.

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lisainilNew Deviant

I know. But it is not refreshing. Look at the screen shots I gave. It runs every 10 minutes according to the logs, but the data in the display NEVER refreshes unless I refresh the skin manually.

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lisainilNew Deviant

Here's another screenshot:


Note the time Weather Channel updated. Note my current time. (I'm running both your stand alone Weather and the patched Weather just to see if one was working.)

There is no way Weather Channel hasn't updated their data since 3:13am.

Here's the log, it's running every 10 minutes like it should:


I am 100% certain, if I clicked on "refresh skin", I would then get an updated display of my current weather. It is not raining here, nor is that the temp. That WAS the temp at 3:13am and it was raining then too.

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lisainilNew Deviant

It just ran the URL again and the JSON returned had this (I ran the same URL just a few seconds before):


Weather update of 10:54am. But yet, my display still looks the same as the one above with the 3:13am time.

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lisainilNew Deviant

I figured out what the problem is... you have UpdateDivider set to -1 on the measures that change. That's not correct. If UpdateDivider=-1 or any negative number, then the measure is only updated once when the skin is loaded or refreshed. Commenting out "UpdateDivider=-1" on all the measures made it refresh properly.

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You sir are a King, thank you for patching this every time


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LOL ... Thanks!

Happy to keep it working.

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Vule76Hobbyist General Artist

Hi, I tried everyone of this weather widgets, patches, with yahoo codes, with old codes, longitude latitude...etc. Nothing works. For longitude latitude I look up from Google to several other sites and all is the same, and when I enter numbers, save notepad and refresh widget, it just stuck on "Retrieving Weather". My location is Belgrade, Serbia. Can you help me to solve this? Thanks in advance.

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Working for me using:



When you save in Notepad, sometimes it saves it with a .txt file extension.

Make sure you set the save file type as All files (*.*).

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Vule76Hobbyist General Artist

Thanks for answer.

I know about all that and somehow old win 10 widgets started to work, but yours didn't. Anyway problem is solved itself somehow but just that you know if anyone else have the same issue. Yours is up:

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Good to see you have it working.

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To correct Today's High Temperature Forecast, edit the skin in a text editor, and add DynamicVariables=1 to [MeasureAfternoon] section.

I will post a corrected download by this weekend 8/30/2020.

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Rising from ashen JavaScript it comes - back from the dead. I'd given up on this, but I've been using it for about a month now and it's tremendous. Thanks Eclectic-Tek, your a martyr kind Sir.

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Working again, Thank You,,,,, Great Fix!

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Thanks for the update

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I'm still getting the "Retrieving Weather..." even at the default location. Turning on debugging and enabling logging doesn't hint a clue either. Last message in the log is just that it is fetching the URL, after that, nothing.

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itsmaxplayzNew Deviant

My moonrise and moonset data is showing in the mini and small version too and it shows outside the box

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