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Win10 Calendar

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Win10 Widget Style Calendars based on Lua Calendar by Smurfier
5 Styles included: Default | Bars | Weeks | Events | Current Week
Holiday and Personal Event Files Included
Calendar Selection and Options skin

All Features are Customizable | New Styles Can be Created | New Event Files Possible
V  1.2019.02.02

Contains 2 Auti-IT Compiled Scripts (RainFile.exe and RainList.exe) that may incorrectly be reported as trojans by some AVs... THEY ARE NOT!
The source code for each is viewable in the associated folders

V 1.2019.02.02
Corrected 'CurrentWeek' and 'Bars' styles for correct width
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How can I move the widget? It is stuck at the top left side.

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right click widget then select settings and there writte can be dragged tick it

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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, it is non selectable. I have relocated it by entering coordinates through the settings.

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How to add week number?

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Hi, how to setup lists of event below the calendar, like example above (calendar bottom right). Please help me..:cries:

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@Eclectic-Tech I'm still using all your patched Win10 Widgets style :)

Is there any note skin on this style?

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Try this new creation...

Win10 Widgets Notes Patch 1.0.0
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Not yet... :) I may work on creating one, but have no idea of when it would be done.

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Looks really nice!!

Just a quick question. Does this skin show events in "calendar app"?

If so, a pseudo sync with Google Calendar could be possible.

Love the use of auto-it!

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Sadly, no... it is a stand alone calendar.

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Thanks for the skin,

Is there anyway to change the color instead of black?

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You have to manually edit the variables file: "Win10 Widgets\@Resources\variables.ini"

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How to add a note for a day ?
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You need to edit the Personal.xml file located in "Skins\Win10Calendar\@ Resources\Calendar\Calendars\". Follow the format described in that file. More info about the calendar script is available here: ""

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😲  😲 Thanks Eclectic-Tech Win10 widgets is getting more bigger and useful.

⌛ RSS Feeder 😉 😀
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Pushing your luck? :laughing:

I already had that on my radar, but it will be a while...
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Wow! That's fast developing

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Thanks. It looks beautiful.

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You're Welcome, Enjoy!
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